Monday, May 11, 2015

My College Life: The First Year (Again!)

This past school year was spent doing homework, taking tests, meeting with teachers, ...and there was also my kids' school activities.  If you've seen my Facebook or Instagram posts, you'll know that I decided to go back to college at the ripe old age of 34!  Why?  Why not?!

I'm studying to become a Music Therapist.  Music Therapy is the "clinical and evidenced-based use of music intervention to address non-music therapeutic goals" (American Music Therapy Association).  I can work in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, private practice, etc.  My patient's can be special needs children, senior citizens, cancer patients, soldiers with PTSD, and the list goes on and on.  It's a vocation I have known about for awhile and decided to finally pursue this dream.

Thankfully, this first year back to college (after a 14 year break when I was studying to become a music educator) was a fairly smooth transition.  I've taken 3 classes each semester and was able to complete them online through Texas Woman's University.  Everyone told me online would be much harder because you have to force yourself to do the work and stay organized.  I just loved being able to take tests in my pajamas while sitting in bed!

It was a challenge juggling my school work, teaching preschool music part-time, being a room mom and attending my kids' school events, and of course, being the best mom and wife ever!!!  For me, it was a lot!  However, I managed to maintain an A in all of my classes.  There were definitely times I stressed over tests and projects (remember my History projects, anyone?), but I think it was usually because I put so much pressure on myself to excel.  I can be a bit of an overachiever. ;)

I'm so thankful to Craig, Kaitlyn, and Preston for being so understanding and really stepping up to help out over this past year.  There were many times when I had to tell them to talk softly because I was trying to study or I had to seclude myself in a room to take a test.  But they never complained.

Next semester, I have to start attending classes on campus because the online classes are limited.  I also have at least 4 years to go.  I don't ever compare myself to someone else's journey in achieving a dream or reaching a goal because the circumstances are different for everyone.  However, I know what I want and I know it is possible.  I just have to put in the hard work and trust it is all in God's timing.

As for this summer, no classes for me.  I'm relaxing, working a little, taking a nice vacation, and reading whatever anything besides a textbook!