Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Baseball Season Finished

Preston just finished his 5th season of baseball.  Definitely an interesting season.  He went from All-Stars to a rec team (he tried out for Elite, but did not make it).  It was a regression for him and we had to work hard to make sure he stayed on top of his game.  Since some of the kids had not been playing as long or it was their first time, Preston didn't always get the tough practices that he needed.  However, Craig and I made sure we would fit in time to work on his hitting, throwing, etc. 

This season, Preston was on the Red Sox.  He was really happy when the Red Sox ended up winning the World Series too.

He was always focused during each practice and warm up.

He played infield quite a bit, which he loved.  He especially loved when he got an opponent out.

Opponent out at 1st base

Caught a grounder...

...and opponent out at 2nd base!

There were a couple games where Craig had to step in as pitcher.  It was a fantastic moment to see father/son on the field during a game.  Preston LOVED it!!!

Preston's shining moment came when he hit his first home run!!!  We were so amazed and proud of him.  We could also see his self-esteem boosted.  He wasn't too happy on his team at first because he wanted to play harder.  He struggled with throwing the ball to a teammate because they weren't paying attention (even though we told him to throw it anyways).  But when he hit this home run, something changed and that spark came back.  It was amazing to see.

All too soon, it seemed as though the season was over.  We are such a baseball family and love every minute of it.  Even Kaitlyn got to where she would take her favorite outdoor chair and sit in her favorite spot.  

Preston had a blast at his end of season party.  They spent time driving the power wheels,

eating pizza, and baseball cookies.

The coach wanted to make sure each player went home with an award.  The recipient of the Home Run Hitter Award for hitting 4 home runs this season goes to...

...Preston Kelley!!!!

It ended up being a great season and we can't wait for the Spring.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Happenings

Lots of fall activities for the Kelley family.  It was a week full of festivities, fun, and memories.

Our church had a Trunk or Treat this year.  Craig had to work so the kids, aka Dorothy and Hulk,  and I volunteered as greeters.  Preston was all smiles.

Once our duties were finished, we walked around the event.  Preston takes any chance he can to get in a fire truck.

They played lots of games.

The hay ride is a must.

The Chick-Fil-A cow made an appearance.

Hulk found a friend.

We were at the Trunk or Treat for about 2 1/2 hours.  The kids loved it, saw lots of familiar faces and some new ones too.  But then, we had to rush home to attend our neighborhood's 1st Annual Fall Festival.

The kids wanted their faces painted with Preston's jersey number.  He had a game that night.

They played some more games.

It was a smaller event and was okay for the first time.  We rushed home again to eat dinner (I had stew in the crock pot-yum!) and get ready for Preston's baseball game.

We arrived 30 minutes before the game to warm up, but then were told to stay in our cars due to an approaching storm.  The officials were waiting to see if it was going to pass over us.  However, after about 45 minutes of waiting, the game was cancelled due to all the lightning.  On our drive home, it started to downpour, so it was a good call!

October flew by and before we knew it, we were running out of time to go to our favorite pumpkin patch.  :(  But, I found a little farm very close to my house that had a mini pumpkin patch.  That was just going to have to do.

There were lots of chickens...

...and some bunnies.

Kaitlyn and Preston always manage to find the wooden signs to pose with them.

This was so perfect!

We found a big pumpkin and some mini pumpkins, which happened to be 50% off, and headed home with our purchases.

Finally, time to carve our pumpkin.  We had looked at some templates, but opted for the free hand approach instead.

And done!  Just in time for Halloween.

This year was the first time Kaitlyn and Preston went Trick or Treating...ever!  We usually attend our church's Fall Fest, but since it wasn't actually on Halloween this year, we were able to go door to door.  

I had to explain to the kids what to say, what to do, etc.  They simply didn't know!  However, I was so excited for them.  I think it's something every child should experience at least once.

We went to the first house with the porch light on (again, I had to explain the whole light thing), but nobody was home!  Kaitlyn and Preston didn't know what to do.

We went to the second house, again no answer.  We went to the third house and finally someone came to the door.  I guess some people just forgot to turn their porch light off.

Kaitlyn was a little apprehensive at first and Preston was eagerly running up to each door.  After a few houses giving out fistfuls of candy, Kaitlyn was running too.  We had so much fun trick or treating, running into neighbors and friends, checking out all the costumes.  Preston's costume even scared a couple little kids!  By the time we were done, their bags were full of candy and we were all wore out.  And we hadn't even had dinner yet!  But I know the kids are already looking forward to next year.  

Hope your Halloween was as fun and memorable as ours!!