Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Year of Growth

2017 is the Year of Growth for this family.  And when God first revealed this to me, I didn't want to accept it.  But then, I kept hearing Him speaking it during my prayers.  He also revealed to me all the ways He wants this family to experience growth.  There was no more denying it.

When a rose bush is planted, the soil around it provides nourishment.  It needs the seasons of rain to allow it to continue to grow.  On occasion, pruning takes place to rid the rose bush of anything that is not beneficial to its growth.  And most importantly, it needs the sun for all the warmth, energy, and extra nutrients to become its fullest beauty.  Without the sun, it will wither and die.

It needs the sun.

We need the Son.

Our year of growth has already started.  Let me just say, growing pains can hurt!  But to experience all that God has to offer us, we must be willing to experience those pains.  It causes us to fully rely on Him and increase our faith.

We know we must be pruned also.  We want relationships and people around us that will help us along the way.  They will pour into us and we can pour into them.  When we take off those "rose colored glasses" and see people for who they truly are, it can be so heartbreaking.  In the long run, it will save us from even more heartbreak.  God knows what He's doing when He "prunes" people from our lives. 

We have been preparing our hearts for this upcoming year.  We know it will be a time of real intimacy with God as our trust deepens and our faith is stretched.  It's scary to step out of our comfort zone that has been our retreat.  By our willingness to step outside of it, we are allowing God to lead us anywhere and provide all we need to grow.


We need the Son.