Thursday, June 30, 2016

Baseball Goals

Preston just finished a very long Spring season of baseball.  Practice started the first week of January and we played our 44th and final game this past Sunday.  We started as a 9UAA team and finished as a 9UAAA team.

To say we learned a lot this season is a huge understatement.  We learned what expectations we wanted as a baseball player, as an assistant coach/dad, and as a mom/cheerleader.  We have witnessed poor sportsmanship and great sportsmanship.  We have seen umpire's make some really lousy calls and some spot on calls.  We experienced heartache at a tough loss and jubilee at a really great win.  But most importantly, Preston's love for the game just grew tremendously.

This season Preston played pitcher...


and 1st base.

 He hit hard...

 so he could run hard.

 Sometimes Preston had to slide to get that run...

and sometimes it was easier.  

 They tried to pick him off...

 and other times he did the picking.

Preston tried to warn his teammates when someone was stealing...

and other times he did the stealing (which is his favorite thing to do).

Sometimes players fell on him...

 and sometimes he did the fall on his own (he dove off the pitcher's mound, caught the ball in the air and it is securely in his glove).

 Baseball can be serious business...

but it can also be loads of fun.

Especially when you bring home a trophy...

and when you are blessed enough to have your dad as an assistant coach.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Preston's Birthday Letter

Dear Preston,

You are finally in the double digits!  Now, a world full of huge milestones awaits you.  We cannot wait to see all that God has in store for you.

You world is filled with nothing but baseball.  If you are not playing it, you are watching it.  If you are not watching it, you are talking about it.  You have grown so much more passionate about this game.  You don't care whether you win or lose, you just want to play.  Keep being passionate.

You have us rolling with laughter at your hilarious faces, jokes, and dramatic gestures.  You have a fantastic singing voice and amazing dance moves that only we know about.  Keep making us laugh.

Your thirst for answers to those deep, thought-provoking Biblical and Life questions always confounds us.  You want to know more than what is simply found in books.  You constantly talk about God and all the questions you can't wait to ask Him.  Keep that hunger inside you.

You have big goals already set for your future.  We have no doubt you can achieve them with focus and hard work.  You have shown so much amazing perseverance in your life and are such a great role model.  Keep that determination.

We are so proud of you and love the little man that you are becoming.  We love experiencing life with you and look forward to many more adventures.  We can't wait to see you on that big field in Arlington when the Rangers come calling one day.  Keep that dream alive!

We love you, Nacho Libre,
Dad, Mom, and Kaitlyn

Friday, June 3, 2016

Amazing Goals

These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind for us.  We were at one of the kids' schools almost every day.  They had Field Day, 4th Grade Play Day, many drama productions, special class projects and field trips, End of Year parties, and award ceremonies.

But each event was special.  Each event was memorable.  Each event was bittersweet.

I always get very nostalgic this time of year.  Even more so now since both kids will be going to different schools next year.

No more elementary school.  No more Room Mom duties.  It's something I don't want to end.

Yet, I do.

The kids are growing up.  It's hard to watch and it's amazing to watch.  They are becoming their own unique selves with completely different personalities and quirks.  They are changing before our eyes and becoming beautiful people.  But, we sure miss those baby faces and little chubby hands.

The tears come quickly because of these moments, not necessarily because we are sad, but because we are thankful.  There are so many memories and opportunities that await them.

And us, being their very blessed parents, get to continue to watch.

And it will be amazing.