Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All-Stars 2013

The uniform is put away.  The cleats are placed in the closet.  Another era of baseball has come to an end.

To see a little boy find his confidence through T-ball in the Spring of 2012 and continue to become an All Star player, has been truly amazing.  Preston is sad it's over.  We're sad it's over.

We had an amazing team!  All the boys got along and played so well together.  All the parents truly enjoyed each other's company.  We will miss seeing them Mondays and Wednesdays for practice and then all weekend for games.

Here's a video from Preston's All Star tryouts.  He's actually become an even better player since this was taken in May.

We definitely became the typical baseball family.  At any given time, the back of my car contained Preston's baseball bag, folding chairs, a tee, and rubber plates.  You never knew when any of those things may be needed.  My t-ball bag was always ready to go with snacks, band-aids, ointment, benadryl spray, bug spray, sunscreen, baby wipes, tissues, grocery bags, misting fan, and camera.  Since we were the business managers for the team, I always carried a team binder also.

But now, all of that is put away too.  I never thought triple digit heat and humidity wouldn't bother me that much, as long as I found shade.  All four of us have tan lines from all the time spent in the sun.  As we reflect on how much was accomplished over the past several weeks, words cannot express how proud and grateful we are.



The Team


Our Coach
We cannot thank our head coach enough.  He was the coach for Preston's very first season of t-ball and for his last.  He also coached the All Stars. He is the one that encouraged and inspired Preston at every game and every practice.  ALL of the coaches had a huge impact on Preston and though he didn't talk a whole lot to them, Preston absorbed every word they said to him.  

These boys of summer had the time of their lives.  I pray that a lot of them get to stay together on future teams.  If not, we will miss them and their families.  But for now, these memories are ones that we will cherish forever.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Contributions

In case you haven't noticed, I love to blog.  I could blog or read blogs all day long.  But I don't think my family would appreciate that.

I haven't always been a writer.  I dreaded having to write ANYTHING in high school or college.  Perhaps it was because I could never fully express myself.  I would always write knowing what the teachers wanted just so I could receive an A.

Well, my years of blogging and sharing my adventures are starting to pay off.  I actually prayed not too long ago for God to bring me to a path where my blogging could be shared with a larger audience.  God hears even the smallest prayers.

I am now a Main Contributor for a wonderful blog called Thirty-one:10.  The name comes from Proverbs 31, The Wife of a Noble Character.  While I have a lot of growing to do to fully live up to that passage, I am so proud to be a part of this blogging family.  It's nice to see a group of women supporting, encouraging, and guiding one another through life's challenges.  You'll find inspiration through recipes, DIY tutorials, motherhood and family posts, and so much more!

I will still be sharing my family's journey on here, but you will find more inspirational and humorous posts from me at Thirty-one:10.  Please go to the blog and follow along or look for us on Facebook.  See you in blogland!!!