Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not Your Typical Saturday

This weekend was the Alliance Airshow. The Alliance Airport is only a few miles from our house so we've been able to hear the planes practicing. We decided to check it out close up.

Preston found a helicopter in his favorite color.

Kaitlyn also found a helicopter in her favorite color.

Here are the Suburban Kelley's in front of an old fashioned fire truck.

We actually got to go inside this "big fat" airplane (Kaitlyn's words). It's a plane used during military operations.

Preston and Craig went into the cockpit.

I loved this plane with the picture of the sexy woman on the side. The inscription said "Hard" To Get. It was very reminiscent of the 1940's.

Here are three planes joining forces in the sky.

The kids loved seeing the smoke trails.

We went straight from the airshow to a friends birthday party at a park. There was a bounce house, a playground, and ducks to feed. The kids were so tired by the end of the party. The theme for the party was a "carnival" and they got the Groucho Marx glasses in their goody boxes. Preston fell asleep with his glasses on.

Kaitlyn just fell asleep with her hair all over her face.

Then we came home to carve our pumpkin. Well, Craig carved the pumpkin and I picked out the design.

Here is the finish design-a skull and crossbones pirate!

It was a super tiring, super busy, yet fun day. We were blessed to have Craig spend a Saturday with us to join in the fun. Stay tuned for our next post, our Wizard of Oz party!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday Night Lights

We had a busy Friday night and the family actually had to split for our activities. Our church had their Fall Festival and Preston, aka Woody, wanted to go. Kaitlyn was in a cheer clinic a couple weeks ago. For those that participated, they get to cheer in the varsity game with the cheerleaders. Kaitlyn did not care about dressing up and getting candy. She wanted to cheer at the game. So, I took Preston to church and Craig took Kaitlyn to the game.

Here is Woody and our cheerleader ready to go.

The church sanctuary is transformed into a game haven. So many games, so many kids, so much candy. This is Preston being rolled around inside a giant inflatable ball.

Preston tried his hand at bowling.

This was the first time for Preston to hold a toy gun. He didn't even know the correct way to pull the trigger. Across from him was a table with army soldiers on top. He had to shoot the green soldier that was in the middle. When I took this picture, he looked at me and pulled the trigger. He ended up knocking down the green soldier! The guy running the game said that Woody is so good with a gun that he doesn't even have to look! lol

Kaitlyn loved cheering at the game. Here is a cheerleader lifting her up.

Here are all the cheer clinic participants with the cheerleaders.

Kaitlyn is on the sidelines warming up. It's hard to see, but I made her a matching hair tie.

Kaitlyn is on the lower right in the purple pants.

We all had fun at our different activities. However, the weekend just started and we have so much more to do. Look for our future posts!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Happenings

We've been so busy with fun Fall activities and eager to share some pics.

First, our little town of Keller has so many family activities all the time. In fact, ranked Keller, Texas as the 7th Best City to live in. We love it here! Last week was there 23rd annual Harvest Stew Festival. Just bring a canned food for your admission and everything is free. We had stew, popcorn, played games, went on hayrides, and more.

Here are the kids on the hayride. There were 2 hayrides and we rode on both of them.

Each hayride had a singer. This guy was funny. The very first song he sang was "I Want To Be A Billionaire". He didn't sing the entire song, but it just happens to be one of our favorites!

The kids got to decorate their own sugar cookies. Of course, I made one too.

Finally, at the end of the night, the kids waited so patiently in line for the bounce house. It was almost their turn and it started to rain!!! You heard people shouting "It's raining!" and everyone fled for their cars. It was just like out of a movie.
Our church had their 3rd annual Tailgate Party after church on Sunday. The church has a lot of property next to the building that gets used for church functions. Families, care groups, and friends join together to have a tailgate. I joined with our Care Group and made desserts: rice krispie treats and brownie pops.

These brownie pops were a huge hit and were gone right away!

Here is our wonderful Care Group.
I brought one of the kids picnic tables. They played with play dough until it was time to eat. We had so much food!

The craft store Michael's always has free activities for the kids. This week the kids got to decorate foam visors. All the supplies were provided and it was free!

Preston's creation.

Kaitlyn's creation.

Finally, the Mother's Day Out program where I teach music and Preston attends had their Fall Festival yesterday. I loved seeing all the kids in their costumes. They were adorable. I led the kids in songs on the hayride, there was a petting zoo, games, pumpkin patch (provided by Mr. Kroger), and pizza for lunch. It was a fun, but tiring day!

Here is Preston in his Woody costume running from the chicken.

Preston is posing at school. I am friends with a lady on Facebook that grew up with Craig in Carlsbad, NM. I posted on Facebook that I wanted to borrow some boots for Preston's costume. She responded and said her son outgrew his boots and she wanted to give them to Preston. What a blessing!

Preston is walking in the costume parade. There were 2 other Woody's in his class.

Handsome boy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stuffing Stockings

I have been the VBS (Vacation Bible School) Coordinator at my church for the past 3 years. My job includes shopping for all supplies and prizes. Usually, Kaitlyn and Preston accompany me from store to store as I gather supplies. This year, more than ever, I realized that they needed to learn about being thankful for what they have and showing compassion to others. After persistently hearing the disappointment in their voices when they realized the supplies were not for them exclusively, I started to talk to them even more about others less fortunate.

Craig and I decided we wanted to be able to give to others and bless them when we could and really let the kids be included. We've been really teaching them that a little note, a picture, kind word, meal, or small gift can truly bless others. Since Craig's parents are retired missionaries to Mexico, Craig has been able to share lots of stories of his experiences building churches and reaching the lost.

Our church works with the North TX Women's Ministries to stuff Metro Ministries Stockings. All you do is take however many stockings you want, fill them for boys or girls, and return them. You know there will be at least one kid that will be blessed this Christmas with just the little items that you put in the stocking. So, I brought home four stockings for us to fill and knew this would be a great lesson for the kids.

Before filling the stockings, I talked to kids about needs and wants. We then talked about how this can bless another little boy or girl that may not normally get a stocking. I also told them how fortunate they are to have the "extra" things they have like their swingset and even play dough. I think they are starting to understand.

Fresh from their showers, Kaitlyn and Preston are ready to fill the stockings.

I handed them the supplies I purchased and they each made a boy and a girl pile.

Some of the goodies included bubbles, playing cards, balls, toothbrush with toothpaste, etc.
They really enjoyed filling the stockings. I almost started to cry to see the compassion growing in their little hearts.

The finished stockings!!!

Craig and I feel blessed that are kids are learning how to be a blessing.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ft. Worth Zoo

I do a music class every other week for my friend's daycare. When they have special outings, my kids and I are invited along. We always have a great time. Today, we had an outing to the Ft. Worth Zoo.

We love the zoo, but have only gone in early spring before it gets unbearably hot. Kaitlyn was in school, so Preston and I went (don't feel bad for her-she gets to do a lot of things without her brother). It was especially nice because admission is half-price on Wednesdays. The weather was perfect, we brought a sack lunch, and enjoyed seeing the animals.

Here are the elephants Preston desperately wanted to see.

In one part of the zoo, there is a play area for children. The building is shaped like a big barn and there's lots of activities for the kids and a climbing structure. Preston is crawling across the rope tunnel above me.

In the bird sactuary, you can buy feed sticks for $1 and let the birds eat off your stick.

This is a new exhibit that houses the snakes, lizards, frogs, etc. It was my least favorite part. However, there is a giant alligator that's housed in a huge pool of water. That was pretty neat

Here's a giant tortoise!

The zookeeper is tending to the gazelles.
Preston loved the flamingos.

These are bongos. They were doing this for awhile.

The zoo houses a huge World of Primates. This is probably one of the best attractions there. Here lies a tired gorilla.

A sad looking orangutan.
Here's a chimp with her newborn, Layla.
There were several chimps playing in the climbing structure.
At first, Preston did not want his picture taken.
Then, he wouldn't stop posing.

It was very fun, but tiring day. We saw sooo many animals. Thanks MalMal for the invite!