Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday Night Lights

We had a busy Friday night and the family actually had to split for our activities. Our church had their Fall Festival and Preston, aka Woody, wanted to go. Kaitlyn was in a cheer clinic a couple weeks ago. For those that participated, they get to cheer in the varsity game with the cheerleaders. Kaitlyn did not care about dressing up and getting candy. She wanted to cheer at the game. So, I took Preston to church and Craig took Kaitlyn to the game.

Here is Woody and our cheerleader ready to go.

The church sanctuary is transformed into a game haven. So many games, so many kids, so much candy. This is Preston being rolled around inside a giant inflatable ball.

Preston tried his hand at bowling.

This was the first time for Preston to hold a toy gun. He didn't even know the correct way to pull the trigger. Across from him was a table with army soldiers on top. He had to shoot the green soldier that was in the middle. When I took this picture, he looked at me and pulled the trigger. He ended up knocking down the green soldier! The guy running the game said that Woody is so good with a gun that he doesn't even have to look! lol

Kaitlyn loved cheering at the game. Here is a cheerleader lifting her up.

Here are all the cheer clinic participants with the cheerleaders.

Kaitlyn is on the sidelines warming up. It's hard to see, but I made her a matching hair tie.

Kaitlyn is on the lower right in the purple pants.

We all had fun at our different activities. However, the weekend just started and we have so much more to do. Look for our future posts!

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