Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stuffing Stockings

I have been the VBS (Vacation Bible School) Coordinator at my church for the past 3 years. My job includes shopping for all supplies and prizes. Usually, Kaitlyn and Preston accompany me from store to store as I gather supplies. This year, more than ever, I realized that they needed to learn about being thankful for what they have and showing compassion to others. After persistently hearing the disappointment in their voices when they realized the supplies were not for them exclusively, I started to talk to them even more about others less fortunate.

Craig and I decided we wanted to be able to give to others and bless them when we could and really let the kids be included. We've been really teaching them that a little note, a picture, kind word, meal, or small gift can truly bless others. Since Craig's parents are retired missionaries to Mexico, Craig has been able to share lots of stories of his experiences building churches and reaching the lost.

Our church works with the North TX Women's Ministries to stuff Metro Ministries Stockings. All you do is take however many stockings you want, fill them for boys or girls, and return them. You know there will be at least one kid that will be blessed this Christmas with just the little items that you put in the stocking. So, I brought home four stockings for us to fill and knew this would be a great lesson for the kids.

Before filling the stockings, I talked to kids about needs and wants. We then talked about how this can bless another little boy or girl that may not normally get a stocking. I also told them how fortunate they are to have the "extra" things they have like their swingset and even play dough. I think they are starting to understand.

Fresh from their showers, Kaitlyn and Preston are ready to fill the stockings.

I handed them the supplies I purchased and they each made a boy and a girl pile.

Some of the goodies included bubbles, playing cards, balls, toothbrush with toothpaste, etc.
They really enjoyed filling the stockings. I almost started to cry to see the compassion growing in their little hearts.

The finished stockings!!!

Craig and I feel blessed that are kids are learning how to be a blessing.

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