Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

Well, it's been quite an eventful week at the Kelley house. The Tooth Fairy had to make 3 visits to our house within 5 days!!!

Kaitlyn does not like to lose her teeth. She's had 5 teeth total that she's lost since February. Each tooth is a HUGE ordeal!!! There's lots of crying, shrieking, some blood, and that's just me! No, I'm just kidding. Let's just say, I'm sure the neighbors have been wondering what in the world is going on at our house.

When we first discovered that Kaitlyn had some loose teeth, we immediately ordered a Tooth Fairy Pillow from our friend Debbie at She has a huge selection of pillows (and pillowcases) to choose from and she will even personalize it with the child's name. We let Kaitlyn pick out what she wanted, and being a Texas girl, she picked cowboy (or cowgirl, rather) boots. Within a week of getting the pillow (Debbie provides quick delivery service), the first tooth was out and the pillow was being put to use.

Here is a picture of the pillow. We've used it quite a bit this week. Kaitlyn's name is on the pocket of the pillow.

Now when we prepare for the Tooth Fairy, the tooth goes into a baggie that is then placed in the pocket of the pillow. However, the pillow cannot be on the bed with Kaitlyn. It can't even be in her bedroom. The pillow must be placed out in the hall on top of the toy box. Kaitlyn loves receiving her $1 from the Tooth Fairy (it was only a quarter when I was little-I blame inflation), but the Tooth Fairy cannot go into her bedroom. I actually think it makes it easier for the Tooth Fairy to do her job so she doesn't wake up Kaitlyn. :)

Here is Kaitlyn with her new smile!

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  1. OMG Tooth Fairy Debbie Sharp here. What a darling post - love all the pictures - and thanks for the link, too!! xoxo


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