Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ft. Worth Zoo

I do a music class every other week for my friend's daycare. When they have special outings, my kids and I are invited along. We always have a great time. Today, we had an outing to the Ft. Worth Zoo.

We love the zoo, but have only gone in early spring before it gets unbearably hot. Kaitlyn was in school, so Preston and I went (don't feel bad for her-she gets to do a lot of things without her brother). It was especially nice because admission is half-price on Wednesdays. The weather was perfect, we brought a sack lunch, and enjoyed seeing the animals.

Here are the elephants Preston desperately wanted to see.

In one part of the zoo, there is a play area for children. The building is shaped like a big barn and there's lots of activities for the kids and a climbing structure. Preston is crawling across the rope tunnel above me.

In the bird sactuary, you can buy feed sticks for $1 and let the birds eat off your stick.

This is a new exhibit that houses the snakes, lizards, frogs, etc. It was my least favorite part. However, there is a giant alligator that's housed in a huge pool of water. That was pretty neat

Here's a giant tortoise!

The zookeeper is tending to the gazelles.
Preston loved the flamingos.

These are bongos. They were doing this for awhile.

The zoo houses a huge World of Primates. This is probably one of the best attractions there. Here lies a tired gorilla.

A sad looking orangutan.
Here's a chimp with her newborn, Layla.
There were several chimps playing in the climbing structure.
At first, Preston did not want his picture taken.
Then, he wouldn't stop posing.

It was very fun, but tiring day. We saw sooo many animals. Thanks MalMal for the invite!

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