Thursday, October 7, 2010

We'll See You Again

Tragically, we lost another family member this year. My oldest sister, Trinket (real name Barbara), died in a car accident. We don't know why this happened or why God chose to take her at this time. All we can do is look forward to when we will see her again.

I was not especially close to her. However, we did reconnect through Facebook and were starting to catch up on each other's lives. From the moments I did spend with her, she had such a sweet, loving demeanor. She recently had a kidney transplant. Her husband is the one that so generously gave her a kidney. Trinket was doing recovering well.

I saw her in 2005 when she came to see me perform in The Music Man. I didn't see her again until September 26 when she came to see me perform again in Tales of Carmen and South Pacific. I will never forget the loving embrace she gave me after the show.

After what happened, I am just amazed how God orchestrated that one little moment that we had together so recently. I look back on my audition and how nervous I was at the time (I dread auditions). I look back on all those hours of rehearsals and singing those high G's. I look back at the two showtimes I had and was so excited to hear that my oldest sister was coming!

I know now that it was part of God's plan to give us that one chance to reconnect. I will never, ever forget that moment and forever will be grateful!

Your life was cut short and you leave behind a huge family that adores you. We are so saddened at this tragic event, but know you're in a better place. We're trying our best to stay strong and keep a brave face, but are heart-broken inside. I worry about Dad, but know he will eventually be okay. I envy where you are now and rejoice in knowing that you are finally pain free. You are finally healthy and whole. You are in the loving arms of Jesus. I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you again.
Your lil sis,

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