Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spring Baseball 2014

A few weeks ago, Preston finished his 6th season of baseball.  SIXTH!!!  This boy cannot get enough of playing and we absolutely love watching him.

He was part of the Marlins this time and it was such a fun team.  The boys played so well together, even though some had never ever played before.  The parents were very supportive of every player and it was always a joy to get together for a game.

Running home

Look at that stretch! 

Nice form...and face

Received the game ball

What a fun team!

Accepting his end of season medal

Last huddle with the Marlins

Fabulous coach and mentor

At the end of the season our city league had an All-Star Tournament that consisted of 3 boys from each team in our age division.  Since we had 16 teams during the rec season, 4 All-Star teams were created and they played against each other over 2 nights.  

Preston was nominated to be on one of the teams and did amazing!!!  He caught fly balls, tagged players out, hit hard, ran hard, etc.  Evidently, Preston is making a name for himself.  Other parents kept talking about him, parents went up to him to give him some encouragement, his teammates were always excited when he was up to bat.  Even the All-Star coach told us that Preston saved the game when he got a lot of players out at the end.  We ended up winning both games to win the championship.  It was so much fun!

Up to bat

Great run to home

The undefeated All-Star team.  I loved seeing the different uniforms that made up this All Star team.

Preston and the other 2 Marlins players that were also nominated.

All-Star Championship winner and our MVP!!!

Awesome season, Preston!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vitiligo-My Skin Disease

I recently read an article on for World Vitiligo Day.  It's a great article with some basic info about how it affects people.  Since I am one of the 100 million people worldwide that has this skin disease, I want to share how it affects ME.

Vitiligo is when the body's pigment cells stop producing melanin, leaving colorless patches.  It can spread, stop, and at times reverse itself.  I have had all 3 of these happen, but it's currently in the spreading stage.

I first noticed vitiligo when I was a young teenager.  There is no definite cause of this disease, but doctors think it's from either an auto-immune disease or it can be hereditary.  When I was 8 yrs old, I had a terrible auto-immune disease called Kawasaki Syndrome.  I've had side effects from this disease and I truly believe that's what caused my vitiligo.

I despise summer.  Living in Texas in the summer requires you to wear shorts, flip flops, and short sleeved shirts so you don't pass out from the triple digit heat.  Thus, making my vitiligo noticeable.  I tan very easily, especially on my arms, which makes it even MORE noticeable.  That's one reason why I love winter...I can stay covered up!

I have "spots", as I call them, all over my body.  It's on my feet, legs, torso, arms, hands, and even my face.  I know it can also spread to my hair, but I have not had that happen yet.  I do get quite a bit of stares, especially during summer.  Yes, I notice every stare because I am so self-conscious about it.  I can cover up the spots on my face with makeup, but the spots are too extensive on my body to use makeup on all of it.


Arm-see how tan half of it is?


Adults don't ever say anything to me unless they know exactly what I have.  Kids, on the other hand, say things to me all the time.

"What happened to your skin?"

"Why is that part brown?"

"Does that come off?"

"Do you have paint on your skin?"

I'll admit sometimes it does feel hurtful, even though I know no harm is meant.  I always respond with the same answer "God made me this way."

Because I am so conscientious about my skin and how the sun affects it, I take extra care with it.  The places that has no pigment also has no protection from the sun, making those spots extremely sensitive and burns easily.  The more I am out in the sun without protection on the parts of my skin that is pigmented, the higher the chances of those parts to lose the pigment and make more spots.  I make sure I always load up on the sunscreen.  I am adamant about my family putting on sunscreen as well.

Recently, my dermatologist recommended HelioCare, a daily supplement that protects your skin against the skin.  It's almost like sunscreen in a capsule.

I also use Elta MD as my daily sunscreen.  It has a higher amount of protection from UVA and UVB rays.  Plus, it has a higher percentage of zinc oxide, which is the ingredient that really protects your skin.  I put this sunscreen all over my face before I put on makeup and it's like putting on another moisturizer.  I love it!

Both of these products are not cheap, but cheaper than having to pay for treatments from skin cancer or other skin diseases!  My dermatologist said clothing will also be important for protection.  I love to wear 3/4 length sleeved shirts.  You can bet when I go to the beach this summer, I will be the one under the canopy with a hat, glasses, and cover up!

I completely appreciate family and friends that don't even pay attention to how I look.  I don't mind questions at all, but I don't like stares.  I don't like the way I look, but it's who I am.  So, next time you see someone with a skin disease like vitiligo, don't be afraid to ask a question.  And always protect your skin!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Indiana Jones Birthday Party!

This year, Preston was able to have his birthday party on his actual birthday...and it was all about Indiana Jones!

After a quick pizza lunch, Preston invited a couple friends to join us at the Ft. Worth Science Museum to tour the new Indiana Jones exhibit.

The exhibit is so informative and will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Indiana Jones.  Everyone is given a tablet and headphones to use throughout the exhibit and you can go at your own pace.  Every display has a code you can punch in and you will learn some pretty interesting facts about that piece.  There were movie clips, props, and costumes as well.

There's also a pretty cool scavenger hunt and you have to collect clues.  Once you have all your clues, your name is displayed on the board.

After that exhibit, we had the rest of the museum to explore.  It's a pretty cool, hands-on place and kids always have fun.  There's even a Dino Dig to enjoy!

After spending a few hours at the museum, it was time to head back to our house for some delicious cake!!!  My mom very generously made an Indiana Jones cake for Preston.  He was very specific with what he wanted the cake to look like and my mom did it all!  The cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream.

Preston really wanted a snake coming out of the skull!  The skull, crossbones, and hat are made of rice crispie treats and covered in fondant.

 All the other pieces are made of fondant.

For the "goody bags", each boy took home an Indiana Jones satchel (, a compass ring, gold coins, and rubber snake.  Now they're ready for their own crusade!

Happy Birthday Preston!!!  Hope you had an awesome day!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Preston's Birthday Letter

Dear Preston,

Each day as we watch you, you seem to grow right before our eyes.  Not only physically, but every way possible.

You are constantly full of questions, wanting to know how things work the way they do.  You ask us questions about God and the Bible, that even we don't have answers for.  But keep asking.  Someday, you will get your answers.

You are athletic and absolutely love the game of baseball.  You and the game are one and it's amazing to see how great you've become.  Keep playing.  Someday, your great baseball dream will be achieved.

You are always eager to make us laugh and continue to do silly things.  You will make up funny words to songs or show us your new dance moves.  Your quick comebacks catch us off guard and leave our bellies aching with laughter.  Keep your sense of humor.  It's something we need...everyday.

So, as you celebrate your 8th birthday, we pray that this next year is full of even more memories, more experiences, and more joy.  Keep being you and only change for the better.

As you say to us-
We love you so much we could cry,
Mom and Dad

Sunday, June 15, 2014

5 Facts About My Dads

In honor of Father's Day, I want to share 5 interesting facts about each of the important dad's in my life.

Wes-my father-in-law
1.  Father of 5 kids, Grandad of 9 grandkids, and Great-Grandad of 1
2.  Owned a prominent construction company in Carlsbad, New Mexico called WesCo
3.  Sold WesCo. to become an Assemblies of God Missionary to Mexico
4.  Owned and operated several of his own planes.  How I wish he still had them!!!
5.  Will be married for 56 years in July

The Kelley's-ThanksChristmasGiving 2013

David-my father
1. Played catcher for semi-pro baseball.
2. Was a bread deliveryman and delivered to Shirley Temple.
3.  Still works and owns his own company of 22 years, Communities Against Crime.
4.  Daddy to 10 kids, Papa to 29 grandkids, and Great Grandpa to 15 great grandkids (and 2 of them have already graduated from high school!).
5.  First car was a 1939 Dodge.  He was 16 years old and paid only $29.  His job at the time was delivering telegrams by bicycle in Portland, Oregon for $.75/hour.

The Black's-Missing 3 of the 10 kids...don't mind my closed eyes.

Craig-father of my children 
1.  Formally adopted at age 5.
2.  Has always worked in grocery retail.
3.  Began career on 19th birthday as a bagger and worked his way up to Store Manager.
4.  Dad to 2 kids.
5.  Because of our son's reflux when he was an infant, Craig use to sleep upright with the baby on his chest.

The Suburban Kelley's-Easter 2014

Happy Father's Day to the best dads I know!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Last Day of School 2014

Wow!  The school year just flew by.  Already, a week has passed since it's been over.

The end of the school year is always so bittersweet for me.  I'm excited for my kids to move on, but sad that they are growing up so quickly!

The last week of school is full of end of year activities.  This year was especially more bittersweet since it would be Kaitlyn's last year of elementary school.  Our district has K-4th grade in elementary, 5th-6th in intermediate, 7th-8th in middle, and 9th-12th in high school.  Kaitlyn and Preston won't be in the same school again until high school.  It will be interesting trying to do drop off and pick up over the next few years.

Craig and I made sure to get in one more lunch date with our 2nd and 4th graders.

The end of year parties were later that afternoon.  Since Craig was able to attend, we split our time between each class.

Preston received the "Lifesaver Award" for helping others.  They also had snacks and decorated shirts.

Kaitlyn's class had ice cream sundaes and signed shirts and yearbooks.

The very last day of school was definitely a day of reflection.  It's amazing to see how much they've grown.

First day of school 

Last day of school.  They are getting so tall!

First, we had to celebrate Preston's bday.  Since he has a summer birthday, we always bring treats during the last week of school.  He wanted donuts for the class.

Then, it was time for Kaitlyn's 4th Grade Awards.  I almost started crying when I read the program!

The entire school lined the hallways as the 4th graders walk through to give them a cheerful "send off".  Again, I teared up!

Kaitlyn wouldn't look at me! Ha!

The co-curr teachers also celebrated the 4th graders!

Kaitlyn received awards for Best Singer, Future Teacher, Most Dependable, A/B Honor Roll, and Perfect Attendance.  We're super proud of her!  Future Music Teacher perhaps?!

The graduate and her graduation gift from us.

We are super thankful for the teachers that God always places in our kids lives.  

And school is over!!!

But that wasn't the end of our day...

Craig decided it was time to take down our wooden swingset!  Tragic!!!  Now we have a big empty spot.  But many fun times were had on that swingset.

Finally, Preston had his final game for his All-Star Tournament.  We were completely blown away with how well he played during this tournament.  It makes a big difference when you are able to play with experienced ball players.  Most of the tournament was spent with us cheering and jumping to our feet.  They ended up winning the tournament!!!

We then went home and went to bed completely exhausted.  It was an emotional, yet exciting day for all of us.