Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Preston's Birthday Letter

Dear Preston,

Each day as we watch you, you seem to grow right before our eyes.  Not only physically, but every way possible.

You are constantly full of questions, wanting to know how things work the way they do.  You ask us questions about God and the Bible, that even we don't have answers for.  But keep asking.  Someday, you will get your answers.

You are athletic and absolutely love the game of baseball.  You and the game are one and it's amazing to see how great you've become.  Keep playing.  Someday, your great baseball dream will be achieved.

You are always eager to make us laugh and continue to do silly things.  You will make up funny words to songs or show us your new dance moves.  Your quick comebacks catch us off guard and leave our bellies aching with laughter.  Keep your sense of humor.  It's something we need...everyday.

So, as you celebrate your 8th birthday, we pray that this next year is full of even more memories, more experiences, and more joy.  Keep being you and only change for the better.

As you say to us-
We love you so much we could cry,
Mom and Dad

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