Friday, June 13, 2014

Last Day of School 2014

Wow!  The school year just flew by.  Already, a week has passed since it's been over.

The end of the school year is always so bittersweet for me.  I'm excited for my kids to move on, but sad that they are growing up so quickly!

The last week of school is full of end of year activities.  This year was especially more bittersweet since it would be Kaitlyn's last year of elementary school.  Our district has K-4th grade in elementary, 5th-6th in intermediate, 7th-8th in middle, and 9th-12th in high school.  Kaitlyn and Preston won't be in the same school again until high school.  It will be interesting trying to do drop off and pick up over the next few years.

Craig and I made sure to get in one more lunch date with our 2nd and 4th graders.

The end of year parties were later that afternoon.  Since Craig was able to attend, we split our time between each class.

Preston received the "Lifesaver Award" for helping others.  They also had snacks and decorated shirts.

Kaitlyn's class had ice cream sundaes and signed shirts and yearbooks.

The very last day of school was definitely a day of reflection.  It's amazing to see how much they've grown.

First day of school 

Last day of school.  They are getting so tall!

First, we had to celebrate Preston's bday.  Since he has a summer birthday, we always bring treats during the last week of school.  He wanted donuts for the class.

Then, it was time for Kaitlyn's 4th Grade Awards.  I almost started crying when I read the program!

The entire school lined the hallways as the 4th graders walk through to give them a cheerful "send off".  Again, I teared up!

Kaitlyn wouldn't look at me! Ha!

The co-curr teachers also celebrated the 4th graders!

Kaitlyn received awards for Best Singer, Future Teacher, Most Dependable, A/B Honor Roll, and Perfect Attendance.  We're super proud of her!  Future Music Teacher perhaps?!

The graduate and her graduation gift from us.

We are super thankful for the teachers that God always places in our kids lives.  

And school is over!!!

But that wasn't the end of our day...

Craig decided it was time to take down our wooden swingset!  Tragic!!!  Now we have a big empty spot.  But many fun times were had on that swingset.

Finally, Preston had his final game for his All-Star Tournament.  We were completely blown away with how well he played during this tournament.  It makes a big difference when you are able to play with experienced ball players.  Most of the tournament was spent with us cheering and jumping to our feet.  They ended up winning the tournament!!!

We then went home and went to bed completely exhausted.  It was an emotional, yet exciting day for all of us.

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