Saturday, June 21, 2014

Indiana Jones Birthday Party!

This year, Preston was able to have his birthday party on his actual birthday...and it was all about Indiana Jones!

After a quick pizza lunch, Preston invited a couple friends to join us at the Ft. Worth Science Museum to tour the new Indiana Jones exhibit.

The exhibit is so informative and will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Indiana Jones.  Everyone is given a tablet and headphones to use throughout the exhibit and you can go at your own pace.  Every display has a code you can punch in and you will learn some pretty interesting facts about that piece.  There were movie clips, props, and costumes as well.

There's also a pretty cool scavenger hunt and you have to collect clues.  Once you have all your clues, your name is displayed on the board.

After that exhibit, we had the rest of the museum to explore.  It's a pretty cool, hands-on place and kids always have fun.  There's even a Dino Dig to enjoy!

After spending a few hours at the museum, it was time to head back to our house for some delicious cake!!!  My mom very generously made an Indiana Jones cake for Preston.  He was very specific with what he wanted the cake to look like and my mom did it all!  The cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream.

Preston really wanted a snake coming out of the skull!  The skull, crossbones, and hat are made of rice crispie treats and covered in fondant.

 All the other pieces are made of fondant.

For the "goody bags", each boy took home an Indiana Jones satchel (, a compass ring, gold coins, and rubber snake.  Now they're ready for their own crusade!

Happy Birthday Preston!!!  Hope you had an awesome day!!!

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