Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spring Baseball 2014

A few weeks ago, Preston finished his 6th season of baseball.  SIXTH!!!  This boy cannot get enough of playing and we absolutely love watching him.

He was part of the Marlins this time and it was such a fun team.  The boys played so well together, even though some had never ever played before.  The parents were very supportive of every player and it was always a joy to get together for a game.

Running home

Look at that stretch! 

Nice form...and face

Received the game ball

What a fun team!

Accepting his end of season medal

Last huddle with the Marlins

Fabulous coach and mentor

At the end of the season our city league had an All-Star Tournament that consisted of 3 boys from each team in our age division.  Since we had 16 teams during the rec season, 4 All-Star teams were created and they played against each other over 2 nights.  

Preston was nominated to be on one of the teams and did amazing!!!  He caught fly balls, tagged players out, hit hard, ran hard, etc.  Evidently, Preston is making a name for himself.  Other parents kept talking about him, parents went up to him to give him some encouragement, his teammates were always excited when he was up to bat.  Even the All-Star coach told us that Preston saved the game when he got a lot of players out at the end.  We ended up winning both games to win the championship.  It was so much fun!

Up to bat

Great run to home

The undefeated All-Star team.  I loved seeing the different uniforms that made up this All Star team.

Preston and the other 2 Marlins players that were also nominated.

All-Star Championship winner and our MVP!!!

Awesome season, Preston!!!

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