Monday, July 7, 2014

Lesson Learned #4

The year is half gone and so many life lessons have been given.  God has taught me so much already.

I've learned that I really do like to encourage people.  It's not unusual for me to text a friend or send a message of encouragement to them.  Of course, I don't do it to receive a kind word in return.  I want people to feel lifted up.  I want them to know they are thought about.  I don't always know what someone may be going through or struggles they may be facing.  But hopefully, a word of encouragement will change their day, even if just for a moment.

I've learned that some people just aren't the encouraging type.  As much as I love to encourage others, some people just simply don't.  Perhaps they don't have the words or maybe it's just not their personality.  For whatever reason, they don't take compliments well either.  Instead of saying a simple "Thank you" or giving a quick hug, they'll just nod their head or smile.  I don't have to understand it, but that's how they are able to handle compliments.

I've learned it's so easy to play the comparison game.  SO EASY!  I'm not pretty enough, skinny enough, the right size, live in the right neighborhood, have nice things like others....the list goes on.  We've all been players in this game that will rob you of any happiness you may have.  While we may be comparing ourselves to others, others may be comparing themselves to us.  It's a vicious circle with no end.  But we are enough.  God is the only one we must please.  For Him, we are pretty enough, we are blessed enough, we are simply enough.

I've learned it is okay to relax.  It is okay to let go of responsibilities that are no longer meaningful or beneficial to us.  It is okay to spend a day in peace, forgetting for a moment any frustrations or problems that may be weighing on our hearts.  And by being able to relax, we allow ourselves to be happy and to just be still.

I've learned words of the past like to haunt the heart.  They are constantly replayed over and over again until the hurt is present once more.  It's not always actions that are the most painful, but words that are sharp like a dagger.  It's in these times that we must fervently pray for God to help us release the pain, release the words, and sometimes, release the people that have caused it.

I've learned to stop sweating the small stuff.  So maybe a day didn't go as planned.  The house wasn't cleaned like you wanted, the To Do List didn't get completed, someone didn't listen like you had hoped, your kids didn't behave like they should.  But it was one day.  Perhaps it was a few days.  But in our lifespan, it's insignificant compared to the many days we have before us.  Many days to continue to feel God's love.  And when we are in turmoil about the little things that may or may not have happened, we waste time worrying.  And wasted time is time spent being unhappy.


  1. What insightful words. You do a great job encouraging me in word and action. I have dealt with the "past" issues for years and learned how to silence them a few years ago. The comparison thing will sneak up on me on occasion still, but I quickly push it aside. Thank you for your blog. You have a talent for writing

    1. Thank you!! Glad this is encouraging to you!


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