Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cheer Clinic

Kaitlyn went to her very first Cheer Clinic today at one of the high schools. She's been talking about joining a cheerleading squad but we weren't sure if she'd like it. So, when I saw this was coming up for only 4 hours on a Saturday, I was more than happy to pay the $25 for it before I fork out a lot more money for 4 months.

At the end of the clinic, all the participants showcased what they learned. Kaitlyn really enjoyed it. The participants are invited to cheer at the varsity game on Oct. 29 with the cheerleaders. When I told Kaitlyn that we have 2 fall festivals to go to that same night (her school and church), she said she would rather go cheer instead of dressing up and getting candy. So, Craig and I will have the fun task of juggling schedules so he can get off work in time to take her to the game and I will take Preston to the church's fall festival.

Here's a pic of our future cheerleader. She is the third from the left in the pink shirt and black shorts.

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