Friday, June 3, 2016

Amazing Goals

These past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind for us.  We were at one of the kids' schools almost every day.  They had Field Day, 4th Grade Play Day, many drama productions, special class projects and field trips, End of Year parties, and award ceremonies.

But each event was special.  Each event was memorable.  Each event was bittersweet.

I always get very nostalgic this time of year.  Even more so now since both kids will be going to different schools next year.

No more elementary school.  No more Room Mom duties.  It's something I don't want to end.

Yet, I do.

The kids are growing up.  It's hard to watch and it's amazing to watch.  They are becoming their own unique selves with completely different personalities and quirks.  They are changing before our eyes and becoming beautiful people.  But, we sure miss those baby faces and little chubby hands.

The tears come quickly because of these moments, not necessarily because we are sad, but because we are thankful.  There are so many memories and opportunities that await them.

And us, being their very blessed parents, get to continue to watch.

And it will be amazing.

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