Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Baseball Season Finished

Preston just finished his 5th season of baseball.  Definitely an interesting season.  He went from All-Stars to a rec team (he tried out for Elite, but did not make it).  It was a regression for him and we had to work hard to make sure he stayed on top of his game.  Since some of the kids had not been playing as long or it was their first time, Preston didn't always get the tough practices that he needed.  However, Craig and I made sure we would fit in time to work on his hitting, throwing, etc. 

This season, Preston was on the Red Sox.  He was really happy when the Red Sox ended up winning the World Series too.

He was always focused during each practice and warm up.

He played infield quite a bit, which he loved.  He especially loved when he got an opponent out.

Opponent out at 1st base

Caught a grounder...

...and opponent out at 2nd base!

There were a couple games where Craig had to step in as pitcher.  It was a fantastic moment to see father/son on the field during a game.  Preston LOVED it!!!

Preston's shining moment came when he hit his first home run!!!  We were so amazed and proud of him.  We could also see his self-esteem boosted.  He wasn't too happy on his team at first because he wanted to play harder.  He struggled with throwing the ball to a teammate because they weren't paying attention (even though we told him to throw it anyways).  But when he hit this home run, something changed and that spark came back.  It was amazing to see.

All too soon, it seemed as though the season was over.  We are such a baseball family and love every minute of it.  Even Kaitlyn got to where she would take her favorite outdoor chair and sit in her favorite spot.  

Preston had a blast at his end of season party.  They spent time driving the power wheels,

eating pizza, and baseball cookies.

The coach wanted to make sure each player went home with an award.  The recipient of the Home Run Hitter Award for hitting 4 home runs this season goes to...

...Preston Kelley!!!!

It ended up being a great season and we can't wait for the Spring.

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