Saturday, November 1, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

This year we decided to take family pictures in the fall instead of the spring.  Texas weather is so unpredictable in the fall and we were afraid it was going to be a really warm day.  Thankfully, a cold front had come in the night before our shoot.  So, the morning of our pictures was cool, cloudy and finally felt like fall.  Cortney at Memories Imagined Photography did another terrific job, as always.  We met at a little log cabin at a local park.  Here are some of our favorite pics.

The Suburban Kelley's

The Kids-when did they get so big?

The Obligatory 'Kissing' Pose-we have done this every time we take pictures.  And the kids pretty much do that every time we kiss.

Our photographer said we still look like newlyweds with the way we act and look at each other.  We will be going on 15 years of marriage in 2 months, so I will definitely take that compliment!!!  I hope that 'look' never goes away.

The Catalog Pose-this had us laughing so much.  Cortney is so great about letting us pose how we want and use our own ideas and props.  The one with the most ideas is usually Craig.  He wanted to bring some mugs and blankets and have us pose like this.  It was hilarious to do, but turned out so great!  On a side note, Craig was a catalog model when he was a kid.  :)

Thank you again, Cortney, for some fabulous memories!

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