Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Live In The Moment

After a lengthy time of praying, waiting for answers, and seeking the Lord, we feel we have received the answers we need.  However, we feel what God is telling us to do is only a temporary thing.  God still has great things planned for our future!

A couple Sundays ago, Craig was working (as usual) so it was just the kids and I.  We had the most relaxing day shopping, having lunch together, and not feeling like we were in a rush to do anything.  It was absolutely peaceful and wonderful.  I found myself enjoying the moments and not worrying about the future and what may or may not lie ahead.

It was during that time when I realized we were stressing too much about what we cannot control.  By doing that, we were wasting time we could have been enjoying and we let beautiful moments pass without even a glance.  It was a heartbreaking moment and an eye opener.

Since then, we have embraced each day.  We've stopped worrying about things that will not be important in the long scheme of things.  We are living life and letting things simply be.  And it's been so gratifying.

While in my heart I feel a bigger answer will be revealed, I will enjoy one day at a time.  I will find the beauty each day brings and be content with what I have and who I have.  This Year of Positivity is finally becoming just that.

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