Saturday, April 18, 2015

Master Bath Redo

If you have been following my Instagram posts and the #masterbathredo2015 thread, you will already know we have been working on redecorating our master bathroom...for a long time!!!  Our project started at the beginning of March and we finally finished.  Craig has done all the work himself when he has a free moment, which is not often.  I was left to the decorating (although I always get Craig's opinion on everything) and we are so satisfied with the finished project.

Here is the dreaded before picture (don't judge):

Here is the beautiful after picture:

Another before picture (again, don't judge):

And the after picture:

Color makes such a difference!!!  The paint is a purplish gray color called Gothic Amethyst (I love that name) by Behr.  I wanted the bathroom to be a great compliment to our bedroom and its decor.  Indulge me for a minute and I'll share the little details that went into the bathroom.

#1-Mrs. and Mr. signs were purchased at Hobby Lobby and hang above our closet doors.  We are fortunate to each have our own walk-in closet.
#2-The medicine cabinet was painted black and oil rubbed bronze hardware was added.
#3-These walls of Gothic Amethyst are just the perfect shade.  They are not too dark especially since we don't have windows in the bathroom.
#4-These gray rugs were purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  There are two rugs in front of the dual vanity, a rug in front of our shower, and a rug in front of the tub.  They are super soft and we love them.

#1-The XOXO sign was purchased at Hobby Lobby and was originally gold.  However, we had some oil rubbed bronze spray paint that we used on different items for the bathroom.  We loved the sign but not the color.  So, it got a touch of spray paint as well.
#2-Craig had given me these 3 light purple vases for our anniversary with roses in them.  They actually looked really good in the bathroom.  I purchased some fake white flowers at Hobby Lobby and stuck them in the vases.
#3-This oil rubbed bronze towel rod is perfect for our hand towels.  The rod and black shelves are from Target.

#1-This little vanity mirror was given to me as a gift years ago.  Again, it matched perfectly.
#2-I found this vanity tray with jars on clearance at Kirkland's.  I just added cotton balls, cotton swabs, and potpourri.
#3-We bought new oil rubbed bronze faucets at Home Depot.  At first we were not sure if we wanted to change the fixtures but I am so glad we did!
#4-Oil rubbed bronze hand soap canister from Target.

There is a little nook in the corner of the bathroom for the toilet.  It was the perfect place to add these shelves.
#1-White vase was something I already had.
#2-Purple towels are from Kohl's and gray towels are from Target.
#3-The white picture frame is from Hobby Lobby.  The picture of the waterfalls is an actual picture taken on our recent vacation to the Smokey Mountains.
#4-Shelves are from Target.

This tub gets lots of use in the winter.  It will be so much more relaxing to use now!
#1-This was the original towel rod that came with the house.  It was the standard stainless steel that we just spray painted oil rubbed bronze!
#2-These nice towels were given to us for our anniversary one year.  I looked on Pinterest how to display them in a semi-fancy way. :)
#3-Black vase is mine and I just bought some purple stems at Hobby Lobby.  On the other side of the tub is a black basket I found on clearance a long time ago.  It has a small wooden sign that says 'Smile' given to me by a former student.  I just added bubble bath, bath salts, and bath tablets in the basket.
#4-Sconces are from Hobby Lobby.  I added LED candles so I didn't have to worry about actual flames.
#5-This huge metal scroll was purchased years ago from an online catalog.  We have been saving it for when we finally painted our bathroom.
#6-New fixtures from Home Depot.  The drains were spray painted.

Here is another before pic of the bathroom cabinets.  Just typical builder grade style.

Here is the after pic:

Craig repainted the cabinets himself and added hardware.  What a huge difference!!!

We changed the fixtures above the mirror.  We found these at Home Depot.

Craig framed this huge mirror.  He just got molding, painted it, and used mirror adhesive.

I found these sayings on Pinterest and made my own version.  I typed them up, printed them, and framed them.

These signs are hanging adjacent to the shelves above the toilet.  I found them on clearance at Kirkland's.

We are so glad to finally have finished the master bathroom.  I am so thankful for Craig for putting in all the hard work to make it look so fabulous!

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