Monday, June 8, 2015

Changes That Lead To Peace

I've been wanting to write about this topic for awhile, but just could not organize my thoughts into a coherent post.  Perhaps this still won't come out coherent, but the words want to spill out of my heart in hopes of encouraging someone.  Or perhaps it will just allow others to understand  my journey or even get a glimpse of it.  So, here it goes...


There have been many changes for our family over the past couple years.  Some big, some not so big.  Some recent and some not so recent.  But there have been A LOT!

Usually changes can be scary and intimidating.  They are not always welcome nor warranted.  At least not to our knowledge until it actually occurs.  However, we've learned the more positive we can stay in the midst of a change, the happier we will be.  In doing so, we keep our hearts in check and stay open to whatever it is God wants to reveal to us during that time.

And God never fails us.

Each change has been truly wonderful for our family.  Sometimes it's emotional, sometimes it takes awhile to get used to.  Yet, it's always been for the better.  Of course, it's all about faith and not fear.  When we allow the fear of what's to come creep into our minds, our faith has slipped.  When we allow faith to be our guide, fear has no chance to survive.

The journey and changes that have happened for us is not necessarily something others will understand.  That's okay.  Nobody else is facing our challenges.  However, we have complete peace with everything that has taken place.  I can eagerly say we are the happiest we've been in awhile.  We have given burdens to God that we used to hold on to so tightly.  When the weight of those burdens were intolerable, we had to release them and let God do His work.

Changes don't have to be scary and intimidating.  They can be exciting and lead to new adventures.  Changes can also lead to the peace that has been sought after for so long. 

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