Monday, July 20, 2015

All Stars 2015

Preston just experienced his second All Star Baseball season.  He worked hard over the past two years since his last All Star season to improve all of his skills and to make a team that he absolutely loves.

All Stars is different than any other team throughout the year.  You travel, it's hot, you get sunburned, and everyone seems to sweat profusely.  All vacations are planned around any tournaments that are scheduled.  However, the excitement, the fun, and the camaraderie far outweighs any of the negative aspects.

We loved this team and loved having coaches that we knew and several teammates that had already played with Preston throughout the years.  He played various infield positions, which he loves, and caught 11 pop flies.  He also scored 12 runs, including 1 home run, had 12 RBI's, and hit 22 singles and 4 doubles.  I was proud to scrub those dirty white pants after each game!

Despite having more losses than wins, it was amazing to see Preston completely in his element.  He has come such a long way since his first season of T-ball.  Here are just some highlights of our ballplayer. 
Photo courtesy of JA 

Photo courtesy of JA 

Photo courtesy of JA 

Photo courtesy of JA


The last photo is just heartbreaking.  We had just played our 4th game in 2 days and had a big loss.  Preston had struck out twice that day, which was very unusual for him.  The last big play he had he ran from 1st base, slid into 3rd base, and then was sent home due to an overthrow.  However, he just didn't make it to home plate in time and got tagged out.  It was about 100 degrees with the heat index, we were over an hour away from home, and Craig had to miss all of the games that weekend due to work.  I think Preston was just a little emotional and exhausted from all of it.  Though he never cried (there's no crying in baseball!), I could see the devastation on his face and in this picture.
Time for a break and then back to more baseball.  What will we do with our weekends?

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