Sunday, January 31, 2016

Spiritual Goals

To say this new year is off to a bang is an understatement.  We knew going into this year that there were specific goals we wanted to reach.  We also knew that it was going to take great faith to reach every single one of those goals.  Often times, the journey seems treacherous or even impossible.  You begrudgingly drag your feet, even though you want to get to the end.  It's just the "getting there" part that seems so tiresome and not always fun.

Craig and I had some spiritual goals.  Not really goals, per se, but we really wanted to grow spiritually, however big or small that may be.  We made some decisions last year that we felt God was calling us to make.  But since we are all human and can be hesitant, we tend to constantly ask God to show us a sign that we are still headed in the right direction.  We can be so unsure because of our human nature that we are blinded to see that our faith has already restored our sight!

These past few months, Craig and I have had some spiritual questions and concerns.  Slowly, God has provided the answer to each and every one of them.  The answers were like music to our ears. 

We had one final question for God and He answered it in such a big way today.  God's anointing was on the church service this morning, from beginning to end and even past that. The tears came to both of our eyes immediately and they never stopped.  The presence of the Spirit was so real that the usual church service was interrupted so we could all continue to experience Him and his goodness the entire time.

And there is nothing more special than seeing the father of your kids, your life partner, your best friend, cry out to God as he is praying over his family.

During this amazing moment of feeling His power, grace, and love over the whole congregation, we just knew we had the answer we had been seeking.

God is so good.  He is so faithful.  He will not tell us to go on a journey and then leave us.  He is guiding us, but we need to remember to keep those blinders off.  It may not always be easy, quick, or fun.  But it will definitely be worth it.

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