Saturday, April 30, 2016

Health Goals

Thank you, Kroger, for providing amazing health insurance for your employees and their families!!!

We, as a family, don't get sick very often.  If anything, it's once a year.  However, these past few months have been a little challenging, medically speaking.  We have been dealing with new braces, a broken finger, and a minor health diagnosis.

Personally, I have not been feeling the greatest for awhile and could just feel something was not right in my body.  Sure enough, there are a couple issues I need to handle, hoping to feel better again.  Unfortunately, I do not think my doctor is looking deep enough and there is something else going on.  With all the many health issues I've had to deal with throughout my life, I know when something is off.

Until we can pinpoint exactly what is going on, I've decided to start my workout routine again.  It is true, exercise does make you feel better.  I will admit there are times I am kicking and screaming as I head out the door to go workout or go for a long run.  But, I always feel better, albeit sweaty, afterwards.

We have a big summer vacation planned and our family goal is to be strong, completely healthy, and ready to take it on. 

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