Thursday, July 21, 2016

Work Goals-The End

The end of the road.  The end of the journey.  The end of the chapter.   Closing one door.  Whatever you want to call it, it's here.  After eight years, my time as a music preschool teacher has come to an end.  I will now spend my days as a full-time Music Therapy student at a nearby university.

The years have gone fast and honestly, sometimes the days were long.  They were tough.  They have been exhausting and even caused some tears.  However, the days full of joy, laughter, and lots of amazing music is what I'll remember the most.

To my fabulous boss...
I remember the day I told God I wanted to work in music again.  I wanted to find that passion that I had briefly lost.  The very next day was when I was offered this job.  Thank you for being obedient and so instrumental in my life.  We have cried, laughed, and experienced so much together.  Our friendship is deeper than just being co-workers.  There were many, many times we spent in your office talking about more than just work and simply sharing our hearts with each other.  Most importantly, you always let me be me.  My personality is definitely like no one else's, but you never once tried to change that. 

To my fellow teachers and co-workers...
I will always be thankful for your support and love over the years.  You put up with my sarcastic remarks, repetitive songs, and love of The Wiggles.  You lifted me up and prayed over me when it was warranted.  Some of the wonderful friendships that have been formed will surely last forever.  My favorite part is always when you request a favorite song that I have played throughout the years.  Victor Vito, anyone?

To the parents...
I had the privilege of teaching your oldest child, your middle child, and even your youngest child.  You have flooded me with thoughtful notes, kind gestures, and amazing gifts.  I absolutely love when you share a story of your child singing a song at home that they had learned in my classroom. Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to be just one small part in your child's life.    

To my students...
I will never forget you.  I will never forget the hilarious stories and comments you were always eager to share with me.  I will never forget the hugs, I love you's, and smiles.  We laughed so much together while you let me sing in my opera voice, mimic your dance moves, and be just a big kid.  You were always so ready to learn all about God and the powerful Bible stories.  You soaked in the music theory and amazed yourself when you realized you could write your own musical compositions.  YOU are the reason I have found my passion for music again.  YOU are the reason that I want to learn how to help other children through the powerful therapy of music.  YOU are the reason I stayed for so long and YOU are the reason I am leaving.  My heart is full.

As I say good-bye to this part of my life, I am saying good-bye to many other things as well.  The emotions run very deep and personal.  But will I look back with fond memories?  Absolutely!  Will I have any regrets of anything that has transpired over these years?  Never.

I know I am exactly where God wants me to be. 

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