Saturday, February 18, 2017


In this season of growth, God has stretched, tested, and increased our faith.  We have learned, experienced, and prayed through countless situations.  Yet, we thank God for so much that has already happened just this year.

Sometimes you have to revisit the past and truly try to understand what God was teaching you in those moments.  Those visits can hurt, but they can also bring closure and healing.  By looking back, you know exactly how to move forward.

Sometimes you have to trust that everything you've told your kids, all the lessons you've tried to teach them, are embedded in their hearts and mind.  You have to let them spread their wings, slowly, no matter how hard  it is to watch.  Just be there to catch them when they fall.

Sometimes people are simply not nice.  Their words hurt you or hurt your loved ones.  Instinctively, you want to hurt them back, but it is in those times that you must simply love them.  You must show them the kindness they did not give to you.

Sometimes you have to put down the instruments, stop the music, and just walk away.  You need to have time to refocus, remember your purpose, and then start again with a renewed mind.

Sometimes life is hard.  Life is busy and chaotic.  Life can get in the way of what you really want to be doing.  You've got to remember to be in continual prayer for guidance and wisdom.  There is a purpose for all of it.

And sometimes it's okay to put everything on pause, take a breather, and remember who and what are important to you.  Things happen for a reason, not just sometimes, but all of the time.

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