Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best Valentine's Date Ever!

Last night was our Valentine's date. It's been planned for awhile. I must say, it was the best Valentine's date we've ever had.

I am a HUGE fan of the musical comedy 3 Redneck Tenors. I was first introduced to them about 5 years ago by my former boss since he's a stockholder in the show. I saw it once and was hooked! It's the story of 3 rednecks that can sing and try to make it big. When I say they can sing, they can SING!!! They are all professional singers that have performed with various opera companies, traveled abroad and graduated from prestigious performing arts schools. When they first walk on stage with mullets and overalls (or cutoff shorts for one of the tenors), you don't expect such beautiful notes to come out of their mouths. It's so hilarious and beautiful all at once.

Once I saw the show was coming to our area, I told Craig we had to go. We've seen them several times, but they are just as funny each time. I also wanted to get some friends to go with us because I knew they would enjoy it as well. We were just going to invite about 8 or so friends. Then, I found out we could get a group discount if we had 20 or more. Well, we got a group of 32 people from church to see the show (shout out to Jimbo that helped gather the people)! I collected everyone's money and got the tickets for us.

My contact from the show was so appreciative of our big group, she said Craig and I could come to the Meet and Greet before hand. Yay!!! Craig and I arrived early and got to meet the entire cast and chat with them. It was so nice. They told me they were headed to Branson for a 32-week run and said we could come see the show for free. Double yay! Except, we weren't planning on going there this year (maybe that will change).

Here is the cast before the show sans costume, except for "The Colonel" on the end. The bald guy is the creator and one of the performers in the show.

We also got a free CD and our tickets were labeled "gold circle".

It was such a funny show and I never get tired of seeing them. Our entire group loved it as well. We also ran into some old friends (shout out Shirley!).
Afterwards, Craig promised me a nice dinner and I chose Outback. Another couple from church went as well and we had a very nice dinner.
We went to bed as soon as we got home after having a tiring, but wonderful day. Thank you to my friends that joined us and became fans of the show as well. BIG thanks to my wonderful husband for making Valentine's so special this year.

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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I perform at Matt and Jill's theather, OhLook!!! I love that group. They are awesome. I love how small the community theater world is :) wish I could have made it to the show!


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