Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Countdown to Love

Our first big holiday is coming up, Valentine's! This year we wanted to make it a little bit more festive for the kids. So, just like we used our homemade advent calendar to countdown to Christmas, we'll also countdown to Valentine's Day.

Monday night, January 31, the kids decorated their own foam mailboxes that we got on sale at Michael's. Preston picked a red one and Kaitlyn picked a pink one. They also picked out some foam stickers to stick all over their mailboxes.

They are both so proud of their creations.

Then, the mailboxes are placed downstairs in the living room. Each day from February 1 through February 14, there will be a surprise waiting for the kids in their mailboxes. None of the surprises are very expensive. So far, they both got a Valentine's coloring page on Feb 1. Today, Preston got a puzzle ($1) and Kaitlyn got a Tinkerbell notebook ($1). They are so excited to see what new thing they will get each day.
There are other activities planned as we countdown like making a Valentine's mobile to hang from our dining room light, making heart-shaped cookies, and a day full of fun on Valentine's.

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