Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Shower

Our niece is preggers!!!! She's due next month and we're excited. Preston is the youngest in the family so it will be fun to have another baby around. My mother-in-law and I threw a baby shower for her and it turned out sooo nice.

The nursery is going to be done with woodland creatures so we went with an 'owl' themed shower. My niece's other grandma let us use her gorgeous house to host the shower. We just served cupcakes, cookies, and punch to keep it casual.

My friend/co-worker, Amy, made these adorable owl cupcakes. I found the picture on Pinterest and sent it to her. She duplicated it perfectly. They were vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. Check out Amy's other edible creations.

These yummy thumbprint cookies are from Kroger. They matched perfectly!

I found these incredibly adorable favors on Pinterest. They are just felt owl faces on mason jars and filled with white-dipped pretzels.

I needed some cute centerpieces for the table. I was about to throw out some pinecones, but realized I could use them for the shower. It was perfect! I just tied brown ribbons around the bottom of the hurricane vases that I already had.

I made a diaper wreath for the front door. They are so easy to make and I like to add the baby's initial in the middle.

This punch is so easy to make. Just mix one tub of Raspberry Crystal Light and a 2 liter of orange soda. Delicious!

Here is the mommy to be!!

My niece and I!

You can see where I got the shower ideas on my Pinterest board. It was a great shower and she got soooo many great gifts. We can't wait to meet the wonderful blessing God has given the family!

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