Thursday, March 8, 2012

Book Character Day

In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, most schools around here had a Book Character Day. The students get to dress up as their favorite character and show the book that goes with their costume. Kaitlyn chose Fancy Nancy and Preston was Charlie Brown.

My mom had made Kaitlyn a pink tutu a few years ago, so it was very easy to pull her outfit together. This is actually Preston's 3rd year to be Charlie Brown. I made the shirt buy cutting out felt pieces and used fabric glue to attach to a yellow shirt. I figured if the shirt still fit, why not continue to use it? Plus, he didn't mind at all.

They had a little parade at school so I stayed around to watch. Kaitlyn is sitting patiently and watching the other kids walk by.

There goes Preston, making a silly face as usual.

I finally caught him being still as he was headed back to class.

I also had a Book Character Day later in the week. In the past, I was Fern from Charlotte's Web and Ramona Quimby (I used the same outfit for both). This year, I briefly mentioned to Kaitlyn's teacher that I was still needing to find a simple costume to wear. She offered to let me borrow hers! So, I went as Thing 2. The head piece is actually a feather boa cut in half and I bobby pinned it to my hair. So easy!

This past weekend, all of the 2nd graders from school were invited to watch The Lorax together. We went and loved the movie. One of our favorites!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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