Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinewood Derby 2012

It's derby time!!!! The kids always get so excited at this time of year. They love getting to pick whatever design they want and then seeing their dad make it happen.

The kit looks like this. Just a block of wood with four wheels.
Then, they took time at church during their Wednesday night classes to shape their cars. Whatever they don't finish at church, the kids bring home and Craig helps them complete the transformation.

Kaitlyn and Preston helped with the sanding.

He's so goofy.

Time to paint.

By the way, this was all done on a cold, rain Saturday in the garage. But Craig and the kids wanted to get it done. I stayed inside the warm house and came out every so often to take pictures.

Can you tell what Kaitlyn's car is going to be?

A potato!!! I don't know why she picked this design, but it's what she wanted. She made a carrot derby car last year so maybe she wanted to stick with the vegetable family. Craig knicked out little spots and painted some a darker brown.

Preston wanted a race car, of course. He painted it his favorite colors: orange, red, and blue. No decals were added, just the paint.

The day of the race, we got out the two cars from previous years so we all had a car to race.

The track is ready to go.

The trophies are proudly gleaming!

Preston's car came in 3rd place in this heat. His car wasn't very fast. Well, neither was Kaitlyn's.

The potato is 2nd from the right, ready to go.

The other cars are waiting.

The potato eventually made its way to the bottom.

So did the race car.

Kaitlyn's potato car won a ribbon for Most Authentic Looking. She actually had a party to attend so Craig collected the ribbon for her.

Craig raced the carrot and I raced the ladybug in the adult division. His carrot came in 1st place!

Preston and Kaitlyn also got trophies for participation.

I was an Appearance Judge and Craig helped with staging the cars to race. We all had a great time and can't wait to do it all over again next year.

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