Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Suburban Life

So, it's been about a month since I've updated this blog. I've still been heavily blogging, but it's mostly been on my craft blog carsandribbons.blogspot.com. What have we been up to? Just the typical family activities: church, school, church, work, did I mention church?

The kids had the day off from school for a holiday recently and actually asked to do some crafts. Kaitlyn and I created bookmarks. Preston got a wooden pirate ship kit from his aunt and uncle and was ready to start building.

Preston carefully colored the wood pieces.

The ship slowly started coming together.

Kaitlyn wanted to help once she finished making her bookmarks.

The ship still remains to be completed. Preston needs to add the finishing touches and we'll make the big reveal!

Kaitlyn also had a 3-D landform project for school that needed to be completed. First, let me just say she is in 2nd grade. The kinds of projects she's had to do this year are crazy! It hasn't been anything we couldn't handle, but I remember doing Show And Tell still at that age. Plus, half her homework and schoolwork has to be done on the computer. Things have sure changed since I was a wee lad (don't know why I felt the need to start typing in an Irish accent but it seemed fitting).

Anyways, back to the landform. Kaitlyn picked icebergs. So, we had to make a 3-D iceberg. I was actually not feeling well the week this project was due so Craig took charge and helped Kaitlyn. They did a great job simply using styrofoam and blue cellophane.

Craig cut the styrofoam in half and glued the cellophane in between the styrofoam pieces. If you look at pictures of icebergs, you can always see the bottom through the water. Craig wanted to duplicate that for Kaitlyn. I think it turned out great and can't wait to see what grade Kaitlyn receives.

The kids are also looking forward to their Valentine's parties at school. They spent time writing out their Valentine's for their classmates.

Finally, we just received our snowfall for the winter. It didn't last because we never got below freezing. It's supposed to be in the 70's in a few days.

It's been pretty mellow around here. Nothing too exciting. However, there are many fun things planned within the next few months and we can't wait to share them with you.

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