Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We had such a fun, festive Valentine's Day. It started with the kids waking up to find their Valentine's gifts.

They also got the movie Dolphin Tale to share. We saw it in the theaters and they loved it!
Craig got his card and box of chocolates. He's also getting a watch of his choice. We just haven't had time to go to the jewelry store and buy it. Craig is very particular about his watch so I'm letting him pick what he wants.

Craig bought me a Nook Tablet. LOVE IT!!!! I take it everywhere. The kids are enjoying it too.

I made one of their favorite breakfasts-strawberry muffins. Notice the festive plates? We used them for dinner and dessert too.

I printed off labels and taped them around water bottles for Craig and the kids to take with them for the day.
I also added these notes to the kids lunches. I love that they're pre-printed and I can just fill in the blanks.

We all had a party-filled day at school and work. Preston and Kaitlyn had classroom parties with cookie decorating, games, and exchanged Valentine's cards. They also took Valentine's pencils to share with their friends. They came home with tons of cards and candy.

I received some nice treats and gifts from some of my students and coworkers. My boss even made a yummy lunch for all the teachers. Craig was super busy with his Valentine's tent at work. He said people were in and out of Kroger all day buying flowers and chocolates. Since he's the boss, he was kind enough to buy lunch for his floral department.

As tradition, we bought a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's.

For dessert, Craig requested a homemade cheesecake. It was actually my first time using a springform pan and it was so easy! The cheesecake was easy and delicious. Look for the recipe tomorrow on my craft blog.

I prefer my cheesecake plain and Craig likes cherries on his.

The kids like caramel and chocolate sauce drizzled over theirs.

And that ended our day. It was fun, festive, and full of love. It's just the way we like to do things.

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