Monday, November 19, 2012

Colonial Day

It was Colonial Day for all the 1st graders and I was eager to help out Preston's class.  I remember this special day when Kaitlyn was in 1st grade and I knew Preston would have a blast as well.  As Preston went to the other classrooms for his rotations, I stayed in his class and made a ton of these little arms for the corn husk dolls.

I did manage to sneak away at one point to watch Preston make his totem pole.

He made lots of really cool things all while learning some history.  He weaved a placemat, made symbols on a "buffalo hide", decorated a totem pole, made God's eye (the craft sticks and yarn), and made a corn husk doll.  Preston also learned how to make butter.  So much fun!

I just love seeing that smile!!!

It is days like this when I love being a mommy.

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