Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Party 2012

The kids and I had our annual Fall Party.  We spent a Saturday just relaxing and doing some fun fall things.  Kaitlyn and Preston picked out some crafts to decorate.

Then we made some Halloween Brownie Bites.  These actually didn't pull apart that easily.

So, they didn't bake into perfect little shapes.  But they were still delicious!

We also popped some popcorn and watched our favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus.

Next, we went to the annual Harvest Stew Festival at the library.  This year, Craig was finally able to join us.  The kids enjoyed the little petting zoo.

The kids played games.

We were entertained by a juggler/fire eater/unicyclist.

Preston decorated his own cookie.  Promptly after this picture was taken, the cookie fell on the ground!

 Of course, there was stew.  

Can't wait for next year's Fall Party

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  1. Oh how fun!!! I hope my kids are more into the "traditional" stuff when they get older. Blake couldn't care LESS about arts and crafts or baking. The latter is fine with me since I don't really care to bake much either. But when I do try, he just doesn't get all excited about it. =(
    So like I said....hopefully when they get a little older. For now I'll just have to settle for cute pictures when I can get them. You're such a good mommy! xoxo


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