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The whole family was looking forward to Spring Break this year.  We wanted to go somewhere different and the whole goal was to just relax and look at beautiful scenery.  I suggested Ruidoso, NM to Craig months ago and after his initial shock, he was on board.

Craig grew up in New Mexico and would spend lots of time in his parents cabin outside of Ruidoso.  Growing up in El Paso, we would frequently visit different spots in New Mexico.  There's not a whole lot we miss about that area of the country except for the beautiful mountains.  I desperately wanted to escape our hectic lives and busy schedules and get some rest.

It's a 9-10 hour drive to Ruidoso from our house.  Thankfully, we were prepared with lots of electronics.
It was an interesting drive, going through lots of small cities,

and even smaller towns.  The kids loved seeing the giant wind chargers scattered throughout the farms.

The best part of the drive was seeing a mountain in the distance.

I really miss seeing mountains everyday.  Kaitlyn and Preston were very excited to see a snow covered mountain, which is something they have never seen before.

It's easy to take those little things for granted.

We booked 4 nights at the Inn of the Mountain Gods resort, located in the mountains of Mescalero, NM.  The view of the Apache Indian statues with a snow covered mountain backdrop was a pleasant welcome.

We unloaded our car to head to our room.  Do you think we brought enough?

Since we didn't have any set plans, we brought lots of things to do, including a bag full of board games.

We booked a suite so we'd have more room to lounge around.  The price was very reasonable and the room was so spacious.

Our living area with balcony facing the lake

The bedroom

The jacuzzi tub adjacent from the shower in the master bathroom

Fresh towels were nicely folded and waiting for us each day

Double sinks in the master bathroom with a built in TV

Another balcony off the bedroom with a lake view

The mini bar which we did not use since the prices were outrageous!!

Separate half bath

We unpacked our belongings then headed to Casa Blanca for some delicious Mexican food.

We decided to hit the main drag and do some shopping.  It was full of cute little stores.  The street was lined with lots of carved statues.  Preston wanted to pose with every single one!!!

We stopped at Hall of Flame burgers for the green chile cheeseburgers that they're known for.  We were not disappointed!!!

We headed back to the room and decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying our views.  We even ordered pizza for dinner to enjoy at our dining table.

After eating at Wendell's restaurant located in the resort,

we decided to check out Hubbard Museum of the American West.  It's a small little museum full of lots of history and great artifacts.

Outside the museum was a pretty walking trail,

lots of horse statues,

and, of course, beautiful scenery.

There were some pretty interesting pieces of history inside.

Craig and I had some fun with the cutouts.

I love this picture of Preston making a sad face by an old hearse.

We stopped for lunch at Cornerstone Cafe & Bakery since it was Free Pie Wednesday.  Once again the food was delicious!!!

Since the weather was in the 60's, we went for a walk around the lake.  The kids were eager for Craig to show them how to skip rocks across Mescalero Lake.  Kaitlyn got the hang of it, but poor Preston couldn't figure it out.

We walked along the golf course and loved the scenery.  We even saw some sticks formed like teepees.

One thing most people do in Ruidoso is ski.  Since we are not a family that skis, we thought we'd head up the mountain and check out Ski Apache anyways.  Even though it's only 12 miles to the top of the mountain, the winding road seemed never ending.  I am so glad nobody got car sick.

There wasn't a whole lot of snow on the mountain but it was fun watching everyone trying to ski anyways.  Maybe someday our family will try it too.

Preston loved picking up the little bit of snow from the ground.

We grabbed a quick lunch  then took the kids to ride go carts and play miniature golf.  Preston and Kaitlyn had never been on go carts before and were excited to ride with us.  Kaitlyn had such a good time riding in the car with me, even though Craig and Preston almost lapped us.

We played miniature golf and had a great time.

We decided to have one last big meal at K-Bob's Steakhouse.  K-Bob's had a restaurant in El Paso where we'd frequent and also in Socorro, NM, where Craig and I lived for a year.  The food was just like we remembered and it was a nice indulgence.

We absolutely loved the scenery.  The sunrises and sunsets were gorgeous.  Watching the sun set behind the mountains with its reflection in the lake was breathtaking.  I wish I got to see that every single day.

We were hoping the kids would get to see some deer or elk during our trip.  We saw deer every single day! Our drive from the heart of the town to the resort was only a couple miles, but we kept our eyes open for any deer on the side of the road.  Preston was the first one to spot the deer as we were driving.  Craig immediately turned around so we could get some good pictures.  Such beautiful creatures!!!  The same thing happened each day.  So glad the Kaitlyn and Preston could have this experience.

Time to load up and head home.  Sigh.  We were sad to leave.  Since we drove through Abilene, we decided to stop and see my family for dinner.  We went to a Hibachi restaurant which was another new experience for us.  The food was delicious and filled our tummies for our last leg of the trip.

We got home late that evening, tired, with lots of laundry to do.  We had a great time, saw lots of cool things, and got to relax, which was our goal.

We cherished our time together.

So thankful for all the wonderful memories that were made.

Note:  Reviews of some of the restaurants are posted on my inspiration blog, Cars and Ribbons.  Bon Appetit!!

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