Sunday, March 10, 2013

Derby 2013

It's Derby time!!!  My kids look forward to this every year.  They get so excited trying to decide how they want their car designed.  Kaitlyn chose a moustache and wrote "One Direction" on the sides (one of her favorite bands).  Preston picked the Chewbacca Angry Bird but didn't want the belt drawn on it.

The trophy table looks very appealing.

Craig is making final adjustments.

 All the cars are lined up.

The track is in place.

And they're off!!!  Craig and I also raced cars from previous years.  Our cars mostly came in 3rd place.

Preston loved watching the races.

Kaitlyn is reacting to her car coming in 3rd place again for another heat.

But overall, Kaitlyn won 1st place in her division!  She also won for Best Appearance.

Preston received a participant trophy and also got a ribbon for Best Appearance.

Another fun year and the kids are already thinking about next year's designs!

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