Monday, February 25, 2013

A Toy Adventure

It has been an adventure at our house and I have been wanting to blog about this for awhile.  It all started when I was walking up the stairs one day and saw this.  It's a Spiderman squinkie.  Just sitting there.  Staring at me.

A couple days later, I saw this on Preston's desk.  Star Wars squinkies.  Just sitting there.  Staring at me.

Then, I saw this sitting on the laptop.  It's a Cars squinkie.  Just sitting there.  Staring at me.

I think we all see where this is going.  Preston has always loved playing with his toys all over the house.  He doesn't like to stay confined in one area.  He seemed to get even more particular with how he positions his toys.  

Then, I saw this.  It was a car full of squinkies that looked like they were trying to make a getaway.  I had to start documenting his toys.  

I never really paid attention to how Preston played with his toys.  But I knew he always had a rhyme and reason to everything he did with them.  As I started watching even closer and asking him questions about his toys, the answers were hilarious!!!  

Preston only uses his cars (he has hundreds!), animals (loves to collect them), and squinkies (they are so incredibly tiny but don't hurt your foot when you step on them).  They are always on a mission.  Sometimes the toys are running from bombs, other times, they are having tornado practice.

He loves to group similar toys together.  The hippos were resting during their journey.

The frogs are out and about.

Here come some motorcyclists.

Firetrucks stick together.  So do snakes.

Their adventures include going up and down the stairs.

Or under the piano.

They are all lined up waiting for the bomb to go off upstairs.  Then they can return (see, it's hilarious!).

No animal, car, or squinkie is off limits.  This is a horse that belongs to Kaitlyn's American Girl Dolls.  It's now part of the adventures.

I have started documenting these adventures on Instagram (that's why some of the pictures have a different look to them) and Facebook.  You can follow it at #atoyadventure.  I promise, Craig and I have never influenced Preston during his playtime with his toys.  He comes up with all of it on his own and it's absolutely amazing to watch.  He can play with them for hours at a time.  That kid has such a creative mind and is so incredibly particular about certain things, that we can't wait to see what God has in store for his future.

Our house is a house that is lived in.  You walk in and know that there are kids living here, whether it's the pictures on the fridge or toys lined up on the floor.  Yes, toys have been stepped on sometimes and I even had to perform minor surgery on a giraffe leg (super glue is awesome), but we are going to let all the adventures continue.  Thank you so much to those that have given us such positive feedback and are following the adventures with us.  Along with you, we are eagerly waiting to see what adventure is next.

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