Friday, February 1, 2013

The Great American Presentation

Preston recently had an assignment where he had to pick a Great American, do some research on the person, and then give an oral presentation dressed like that person.  Did I mention Preston is only in 1st grade?  I couldn't imagine having to do something like that at his age.  I was actually a shy kid and being in front of people terrified me.  However, kids are learning so much more nowadays and good speaking skills is definitely something everyone needs to master.

Preston picked Benjamin Franklin.  We had the weekend to look up some facts and plan out the costume.  All week, Preston rehearsed his little speech and had every bit memorized.  For his costume, Preston wore black dress pants, a white button down shirt (or as Preston calls it "his work shirt like Daddy's"), a navy blue pea coat, and "bifocals".  He didn't want to wear a white scarf or wig.  :)  He looked great!!!

The parents were welcomed to watch the presentations and I was so excited for him.  I don't think Preston nor any of his classmates were as excited as the parents.  Finally, Preston's turn came and you can watch the video here.  Be sure to turn the volume all the way up.  

I apologize for all the background noise, but I think Preston got nervous.  He had his speech memorized, but decided to use his paper...and hold it front of his face!  Silly kid.  However, he did great and I was just so proud that he got up there and did his presentation in front of his friends and their parents.

Benjamin Franklin was born January 17, 1706.  He was an inventor.  He helped write the Declaration of Independence.  His picture is on the $100 bill.  He died of natural causes at age 84.

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