Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Valentine's Day.  A day of love.  A day of goodies.  A day of a jam packed schedule!!!
I finally got my mantle decorated the day before Valentine's.  I made the cute banner at my MOPS meeting and quickly displayed it.  The red balls are made of tulle and that's red crinkle paper in the hurricane jars.

I made sure to have strawberry muffins waiting for Kaitlyn and Preston when they woke up.

Of course, they had some other surprises waiting for them.  These shirts were from one of our countdown days.  They loved finding something new in their box for 14 days!  

This was one of the gifts I made for Craig.  It lists dates that are important to us.

He gave me beautiful yellow roses.

We had a Top Hat and Tutu Day at my work.  I had to decorate a top hat...

...and added it to a headband.  My sweet friend offered to make me a matching tutu.  It's sooo cute!

It was a day of black and red for me.  I just love those colors!

I then raced over to the kids school to be part of their class parties.  Kaitlyn decorated her bag so nicely. 

And here's Preston's box.  Ever the boy with the big imagination, he wanted his car stickers to be "crashing" into each other.

Kaitlyn had so much fun at her party.

She had lots of goodies.

After exchanging Valentine's, they played some games.  The first game was "Stack the Conversation Hearts".

Then, the kids had to toss the cotton balls into baskets on top of each other's heads.

I ran to Preston's class (actually, I went back and forth a lot between their classes) where he was having just as much fun.

His class decorated their own cupcakes.  You know, sometimes it's really nice to be married to a grocery store manager (well, all the time actually).  Craig asked his baker to make 2 dozen plain cupcakes and put the icing on the side.  The baker actually sent several piping bags of colored icing which made it even more fun and less messy.

The kids got to fill a glove full of candy!

They also played "Lifesaver Relay" which was hilarious.  Preston and Kaitlyn were very eager to come home and go through all of their goodies.   

Of course, for dinner we had our traditional heart-shaped pizza...

...and homemade cheesecake for dessert.

And we all went to bed completely exhausted!!!

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