Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day of School-2013

Ahhh, time for a new school year.  This summer just flew by!!!  The kids were all smiles at Meet the Teacher night.  Kaitlyn has a teacher new to the school this year.  She seems super nice though.  And we lifted up many prayers that Preston would have the same second grade teacher that Kaitlyn had.  He does!  We're so thankful!  I am especially thankful to be the Room Rep for BOTH classrooms again.  I love being involved and so do the kids.

Preston's teacher left a special treat for each of her students.

We had new backpacks, shoes, and lunchboxes laid out the night before the first day.

For breakfast, I made muffies (muffin tops-thanks for the idea, Panera Bread!). I promise, they are muffins, not cookies. 

Even though they were all smiles for the pictures, Kaitlyn and Preston were not ready to go back to school.

Here are 3 years of pictures on the same bench in front of the school:

2011-Kindergarten and 2nd Grade

2012-1st Grade and 3rd Grade

2013-2nd Grade and 4th Grade

They have changed so much!!!

The kids got right to work putting away their belongings.  Preston looked so depressed when he walked in, it was comical.  

We left the poor, miserable children (haha) and went home to watch TV and sit around the rest of the day.  Yeah right!!!  We had errands to run, then Craig worked on the yard for most of the day and I cleaned, did some work, and baked their after school treats-white chocolate chip snickerdoodles.

Mmmm, lots of cinnamon and sugar.

So soft and full of deliciousness!

As tradition, Kaitlyn and Preston always get a special surprise when they come home.  They spotted these books at Target a couple weeks ago and said they wanted to read those books.  Surprise!  

They also get to pick out whatever dinner they want for their first day.  They picked ribs!!!!  Yes, ribs!  So, Craig grilled ribs and I made all the sides.

They loved the meal, especially since they don't eat ribs often.

They showered, relaxed, read our devotion together and then off to bed for another day of school.  

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