Saturday, August 17, 2013

VBS 2013: Kingdom Rock

I'll admit, VBS seemed to just sneak up on me this year.  Even though it was held the last week of July, I started planning it in May.  I usually like to start a couple months earlier than that.  However, it was still a great VBS, lots of fun, lots of new and familiar faces, and the kids had an absolutely great time.

It all starts with this big tin can full of goodies (Director's Manual and curriculum).  We always use the VBS curriculum from Group and just love the themes.

The week before is always the craziest and busiest.  My days and nights all run together.  I even start dreaming about VBS!

Kaitlyn and Preston were absolute troopers this year, having to spend very long days at the church or shopping, with very little complaining.

This is what a week's worth of snacks looks like.  It barely fit in my car!

We had a medieval theme and the decor was superb!  Another church very generously donated all of their decor to us.  We only had to purchase a few other things.  It made our decorating very easy.

Our foyer and registration area

Then, it was time!  The doors opened on that Monday and in came the children.  All 125 of them!  I loved seeing all my familiar friends and giving them hugs.  I loved seeing the eagerness and joy on their faces.  And I just loved seeing the smiles the parents had dropping them off, knowing their kids would be safe, have fun, and learn a lot.

We always have fun themed dress up days.  I wasn't going to do a whole lot with costumes this year because I just ran out of time to be really creative.  However, Kaitlyn and Preston really wanted to dress up because they just loved the themes.  So, with the help of Craig, we gathered whatever supplies we had around the house and made some costumes.

Tuesday-Hats and Stache Day

My sister-in-law just happened to give us foam glasses with attached mustaches.  Perfect!

Wednesday-Knights of the Round Table

Shields:  Ice cream bucket lids covered in foil.  
Helmets:  Kids hard hats covered in foil.  Vests:  Paper bags and duct tape. 

 Thursday-Thy Royal Court

Tutus:  From our closet.  Crowns:  Kaitlyn-from our party supply stash, Me-a VBS prop, Preston-donated from Medieval Times.  Scepters:  Kaitlyn-paper towel roll with ball on end and covered in foil, Preston-skeleton hand wand covered in foil.

Friday-Rock Star Day

All pieces from our dress up tote:  arm bands, rubber spike bracelets, bandanas, temporary tattoos, and glasses.

My kids had a blast each day and came home and told me every story.  I never tell them ahead of time what's planned.  This way they are surprised like all the other kids.  I love that they love VBS too.

And finally, it cannot go without saying that I have the BEST VOLUNTEERS in the world!!!!  I'm always worried I won't have enough volunteers, but God supplies all of our needs.  I had such patient, attentive, and creative volunteers that seemed to be having just as much fun as the kids.  From decorating to tearing down, they were there helping out.  Leading 60+ volunteers is never easy and not always fun, but I just trust God to be my guide, and it always goes well.

Now, on to vacation...

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