Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lesson Learned #2

The first month of 2014 has just ended.  And I've already had so many wonderful life lessons.

I've learned Texas weather is seriously bi-polar.  Even more than before.  And because of it, sinus headaches let me know when the weather is about to have a drastic change.

I've learned my dog has completely lived up to her name, Princess, while she recovered from her ACL surgery.  She is still trying to soak in as much attention as she can.

I've learned I really can't stand clutter.  We have been de-cluttering every inch of my house and have so much to sell, donate, or just put in the trash.  Once one room or closet is completed, I feel so much better that everything has its proper place.

I've learned that my kids absolutely and utterly adore their father.  They simply can't get enough time with him.  They ask him every single day if it's his day off or what time he'll be home.  After having spent so long dealing with his long hours, they are finally relishing in the fact that he is home so much more.  Of course, he reciprocates the feelings.

I've learned no matter how many auditions I've been to, I still don't like them.  I LOATHE them!!!  I feel like I am never prepared enough, I'm never good enough, and I feel like I will never pass.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.  I do know that no matter what happens with an audition, it happens for a reason.

I've learned I am an old soul.  I love all things vintage, I prefer older music, and sometimes I even prefer the company of those older and wiser than me.  I recently took a quiz that asked What Decade Should You Live In?  Not surprisingly, my results revealed I should live in the 50's decade-my favorite!

I've learned that no matter how fair I want things to be, they simply aren't.  I see the world as black and white.  It is or isn't.  It's always hard to see that many people don't feel that way.

I've learned showing appreciation, whether for big or small things, goes a long way.

I've learned my husband is the absolutely one person I completely trust, completely rely on, and ALWAYS has my best interests at heart.  I can't imagine my life without him, without his support, and without his loving words.  I always tell him he's my favorite person ever.

I've learned there is nothing like the feeling of peace when it comes upon your life.  Being obedient to God, seeing His hand at work, and watching events unfold, is just amazing.

Money will never buy happiness, the grass is not always greener on the other side, and God is still in control.

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