Sunday, February 16, 2014

Peace and Love

Ahhh....Valentine's Day.  Cue the candlelight, dinner for two, and the serenade of violins. 

Romantic, right?  Realistic, right?  Well...

A perfect night like that is usually described in movies, but on the rare occasion, it may actually happen for you too.

Craig and I have never made a huge deal about Valentine's Day.  We always celebrated it, buying each other small gifts, chocolates, and flowers.  We always bought something small for the kids too and usually have a V-day countdown of some sort.

But this year, something was different.

I was eagerly anticipating the romantic holiday.  I had a skip in my step and a (love) song in my heart since Feb. 1.  I decorated for Valentine's like I've never done before:  a mantle with a "Love" banner, a homemade Valentine's tree and wreath, even a Scentsy warmer full of hearts!

What was so different for this year's love holiday than any previous year?  After all, I am still married to the same person.

This year, I have peace.  This year, my husband has peace.  This year, God has made things so different for us, things are so much better, and the peace we have can only come from Him.

When God gives you such a profound peace, you see everything differently.  You treat everyone differently.  You love differently.

I love love.  The love between Craig and I has grown so much and is deeper than ever before.  Our relationship has strengthened and changed for the better.  The love we have for our kids and they for us has also grown.  It's amazing how the dynamics change between people when you let that peace just envelope you.

And after spending our 17th Valentine's Day together, I still feel special, I still feel like his #1 girl, and he still makes my heart swoon.

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