Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break Part 2: Spring Training

Surprise, AZ-home of the Texas Rangers Spring Training!  We were so ecstatic about this day.  We bought our tickets way in advance and were able to get seats 4th row from the Rangers dugout.  We bought new Rangers gear, brought gloves, Texas Rangers baseballs, a sharpie, and we were ready!

The game was at 1:00 pm and we were told to get there early.  It was a 2 hour drive from Flagstaff, so we left by 9 am.  Even though we arrived early, there were lots of people already there.  The fans were already by the fence, hoping to score an autograph once the players came out.  I got our seats and Craig and the kids were quick to join the rest of the fans at the fence.

The players started making their way on the field to do some warm ups.

We did score some autographs.  Yu Darvish was one of them!  Kaitlyn was also able to get her Rangers baseball cap signed.  She was so excited!

Great photo of the players as they came out for the National Anthem.

The game itself was exciting. The Rangers lost to the Angels 12-1, but it was still so fun to see!

There was one point in the game when Bengie Molina, the first base coach and former Texas Rangers player, had a game ball.  You could tell he was looking to toss the ball to someone.  Preston had his glove ready and was standing up and waving.  Molina saw him and tossed him the ball.

We loved the game, loved the seats, and loved the awesome autographs we received.  It's something every baseball fan needs to do at least once.

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