Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lesson Learned #6

2014 was a year full of lessons for us. We were students in the ultimate classroom of Life and God was the great professor.

I learned I am a sensitive person and that's okay.  For the longest time I would try to hid it because of other people's reactions.  But being sensitive enables me to be more compassionate, more caring towards others.

At the same time, I know when to not wear my emotions on my sleeve and just keep them close to my heart.  I've learned when to grow a tough skin and no longer put up with any injustices I endure.

I've learned it is absolutely okay to say no.  I've said it a lot this past year and I've enjoyed it.  I will say yes only to things that are beneficial to me, my family, and won't take up any time that I don't have to give.

I've learned it is okay to explore other outlets, other friendships, other ways to indulge in a talent or passion.  God may close a door and lock the dead bolt, but that just means there is a better door to try down the hall.

I've learned I will never make everyone happy so I'm going to stop trying to.  People are disappointing and I will disappoint people.  As long as I am happy and am following the path God has given me, that is all that matters.

I've learned a love in a marriage can always grow and become stronger and more passionate each day.  After 15 years of marriage, I can honestly say that I am part of an amazing love story that only God could have written.

I've learned I am completely happiest when it's just the four of us.  When we can spend a few hours, a day, or even a week together with no cares in the world, everything just seems perfect.

I've learned you are never too old to chase after a dream.  Whether it's big or small, pursue that dream with all of your heart.  Don't listen to the naysayers that stand in your way.  Plow through any obstacles that pop up and just keep going.

As I reflect on all that God has taught me and I write this final post of the year, I have nothing but a full and grateful heart for the lessons.  I know I have so much more to learn and I am ready for whatever it may be.

So, farewell 2014.  You have kept me on my toes and I've enjoyed this dance.

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