Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Adventures of Trevor: Welcome Trevor

After saying good-bye to our fur baby 3 months ago, we were finally ready for another one.  We actually still have all of Princess's stuff.  We just have not been ready to part with it.  But after having a dog (or two) for almost 14 years, we felt lonely and knew we were missing something.

We loved our shelties and have been fond of dogs from the herding group.  We did some research and came across All Border Collies Rescue.  There are sooo many border collies looking for a loving family to adopt them.  To adopt a border collie through them is a rigorous process:  application, phone interview, and home visit.  They want to make sure the dog is going to a good family that is just the right fit.

Welcome 2 year old Trevor!

He was named by his foster mom after a brilliant mathematician.  Trevor is smart indeed.  He knows over 20 commands, listens very well, and is so incredibly gentle.  When we brought him home, he was very unsure of us.  However, after a week together, he is part of the family.  He loves to go on walks/runs, loves his massages, and absolutely LOVES Kaitlyn and Preston.  He is especially fond of Kaitlyn.  If Trevor knows they are home but leave his sight, he whines and fidgets until he sees them again.

Falling asleep during a massage 

Watching Preston play with his toys

Trevor loves his new memory foam doggie bed (Craig's choice)

Trevor is a little unsure of Craig still but is warming up to him.  We do not know what kind of history Trevor has except he was found as a stray.  Obviously, he did not have some good experiences with the way he reacts to certain things.  Breaks my heart!

We do plan to get another Border Collie in a few months, once we know Trevor is completely comfortable with us.  For now, we will enjoy our time with just him.

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